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Introduction to Spellcraft, Psychic Safety & Protection. (half day course)

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Introduction to Spellcraft, Psychic Safety & Protection. (half day course)


This is half a day experiential Introductory Course on Spellcraft & Psychic protection.. New comers to Wicca and those interested in learning basics of Spellcraft / Ritual magic / Psychic safety and protection will benefit from this course.

This covers the following:

  1. Introduction to spellcraft & Magic - Basic requirements; safety & warning in spellcraft; Laws of return;

  2. Cord Magic - Using Cords, how you can do magic; Teaching chant used in wicca for cord magic. Quick demonstration

  3. Rune Magic - How we use runes in spellcraft (we had a full day Rune magic workshop in September, so this one is brief intro only).

  4. Candle Magic - Preparing the candle, Intention setting; you'll all do one candle -magic. (stick candles - white - will be provided).

  5. Psychic Protection: Entities, Spirits, Angels & Demons! Why ? where? how? Basics of Psychic hygiene, relevant tools, LBRP & Archangel work will be covered briefly. Note: Curses/ hex-breaking is not our expertise. For those we can only offer general advise.

What to bring:
-Please bring paper/ pens to take notes.
-Strictly No audio/ video recording allowed.
-Any ritual items will be provided.

If you rsvp, then please arrive on time.

Maximum numbers: 12 people + tutor.

Fee: £15.

meeting point/ Time/ Travel Details-------------------------

nearest tube:
High Gate, Northern Line.

meeting venue:
Please gather in the patio/garden area of The Woodman's pub on Archway road at 11.45am.

Course venue:
Parts of the course will be held in the pub in a friendly informal manner (12.00pm to 1.30pm approx). Practical work and later sections will be in woods! We will be going to a NEW SPOT in WOODS. So do not go straight to woods.

What to wear / bring:

--Course will go ahead whatever the weather!

***Please dress really appropriate for weather! *** Good water-proof coats, proper boots/ shoes / trainers..that are not going to get soaked in mud/ rain. Gloves, scarf. hats; possibly a bag/ ruck sack to put all your belonging and set aside (on the ground, when doing ritual).

--Bring a soft cushion to sit on (as we'll be seated on logs or the ground).
--Bring a blanket to wrap up for your comfort.
--Bring a hot flask of drink for your self and any snacks for breaktime.

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy

Near Highgate Station · London
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