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London on Board is a friendly group of board game fans aged over 18. We meet almost every day of the week in venues around central London.



Our events are free to attend (but require an RSVP here on Meetup)*, and you are welcome to bring your own games or just join in with those others have brought. If you've only played older games like Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble, you will find a lot of the games we play at the club unfamiliar. But we are a welcoming bunch and will always be happy to teach games to new players.

*In early 2020 we will be moving our reservations and event booking to our website:


The games we play range from simple card games to epic strategy games - there's something for everyone! Check out the guide for newcomers if you want to know more, here:


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Upcoming events (2)

LoBsterCon XX meets Virtual Gridcon 2

Online event

So it transpired that GridCon (a wonderful gaming convention in Devon run by friend of London on Board and industry legend Paul Grogan*), having run into the same pandemic as LoBsterCon, had, like us, gone online back in the summer and had a very successful event. So when the perhaps inevitable happened and once again both Conventions had to postpone their live events, we had a chat and decided that since LoBsterCon XX and GridCon 2 were scheduled around the weekend of 27th-30th of November, rather than hold two separate competing events we should combine forces and try to make some new friends. Therfore we are please to announce the joint virtual event GridCon 2 / LoBsterCon 20. More details on the links: https://lobstercon.co.uk/news/lobstercon-meets-gridcon https://gridcon.co.uk/virtual-gridcon-2/ https://www.facebook.com/events/425188371814021?active_tab=about We’ll be running the usual events (see the GridCon link above for more details) from GridCon’s discord server as well as adding a smattering of LoBsterCon favourites. So we’ll be adding a few familiar LoBsterCon room names for chat and voice to the GridCon discord server (instructions and invite after the link), a special edition of Mr. Paul Agapow’s Kwazy Lockdown Kwiz (now in it’s 28th week on Meetup) and we’ll be fundraising for Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network both here in our Shop where for all items sold between 27th November 2020 and 31st December 2020 all proceeds (less card fees) will be contibuted. Or you can make a straight contribution via Just Giving here. We hope you can join us for a weekend of online board games, with lots of interesting demos and Gaming Rules! livestreams, the Kwiz, hopefully raising some money for chairty and a virtual Bring and Buy. And don’t worry if you haven’t played online before, lots of lovely people will be there to talk you through the various online gaming platforms, and you can find a searchable (if not comprehensive) list of board games available for online play here *officially hardest working man in board games

Kwazy Kwarantine Kwiz 31: boardgames are played by celebrities & real people

IMPORTANT - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: - Sign up to this meetup and you will be able to see the online address for the event. Note: the exact address may change from week to week. - Join us there at 7 sharp. Be on time, we'll start promptly and late arrivals will not be admitted. - We will banter and deliver the kwestions in the online meeting, you will choose your answers on the web at http://kahoot.it. So you will need to have two browser windows open or two devices. There is a Kahoot app you can give your answers by. - At the start of the meeting, your Kwizmaster will give you a PIN that you will use to login at kahoot.it - Kwestions will be weird, unfair, poorly researched, possibly inaccurate, and full of in-jokes, gimmicks and references. That is the tradition. - I can't do anything about poor internet connections, debugging your browser, your poor general knowledge, etc.

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