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What we’re about

Welcome to London on Board!

We are a group of friendly and diverse modern board gaming enthusiasts that meet up several times a week in Central London. We enjoy a wide variety of board games that include euros, deck builders, dungeon crawlers, area control, cooperatives, 18xx, legacy and even dexterity and social games on occasion. There are a wide range of complexities and game lengths and it is common for us to play 2-3 hour games or even longer especially on weekends with shorter games in between.
There are some games that we don’t allow - please see our rules page for details.

Our events are very much dependent on attendees bringing the games that they’d like to play and/or are happy to share with the group. It’s certainly not mandatory for you to bring games nor to allow others to use those that you do bring as we understand that it’s not always practical, but it would be wonderful if you can bring and teach games whenever possible.

London is a beautiful city with many pubs and hotels with private spaces that are available for hire typically with minimum spends or a deposit. As we are passionate about keeping our club free to attend, we make mutually beneficial agreements with the venues. This provides us with a dedicated space and in return, we make it worth their while by being respectful and spending on food & drink. Without this symbiotic relationship, London on Board would not be possible so we would very much like to encourage attendees to remember to visit the bar regularly throughout the event. Under no circumstances should food or drink from outside be brought into the venue.

London on Board is not-for-profit and organised by a small group of volunteers. When we have spare time, you will often find us looking for new venues, wrangling with the quirks of and making improvements to the website!

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