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London Python is a meetup community for anyone interested in Python - at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

We'll keep the topics covered as broad as possible - professional development tools, making physical things, teaching kids to code, cutting edge data analytics, personal projects, and even having fun and being artistic with code.

We want to be open, inclusive, and very much about community - so please don't hesitate to suggest meetups, ideas and collaborating with others.

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Hardware prototyping with Python / GraphQL and Python

Doors open 6:30PM Talks start 7:00 PM Introduction from Smarkets Hardware prototyping with Python - Moritz Eissenhauer In this talk I will describe how I used python to build a LED display which visualises sounds and music without any prior hardware programming or signal processing knowledge. You will learn why it can be useful to use a familiar tool to tackle an unfamiliar problem, even if the tool might not fully fit the job. For any audiophiles and hardware enthusiasts I will touch on the methods I used to achieve the final result, and introduce some tools that proved useful. Lastly I want to touch on some limitations of Python, and why it may not be the best tool for the task. Moritz Eissenhauer is a software engineer living in London and working at Smarkets. His day to day work is looking after the real-time data feeds for the exchange in the events team, during his time in the team he has spearheaded the effort away from a monolithic code base to a modern microservices based architecture. He also maintains the https://github.com/mmEissen/airpixel & https://github.com/mmEissen/audioviz projects. Strawberry: a dataclasses inspired approach to GraphQL - Patrick Arminio Over the past few years GraphQL has gained much traction, especially in the JavaScript world. Python is getting on board this trend with new interesting libraries. In this talk we will see how Strawberry makes uses of modern Python features like dataclasses, type hints and asyncio to easily create GraphQL APIs. https://github.com/strawberry-graphql/strawberry Patrick is a Backend Engineer at Verve Lightning talks / Announcements - please contact one of the organisers if you would like to say something here!

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