Past Meetup

Profiling Microservices


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Microservices bring many benefits, but also many costs. One of which is the added latancy introduced by all those extra network calls you've introduced. Not only have you consciously slowed down your application by doing this, but you've distributed the bottlenecks over many virtual machines, numerous containers and even multiple regions - so how do you find them?

Babylon Health will demonstrate a range of techniques they used to profile the microservices serving as the backend for their medical ChatBot. This will include the tools that they used, how the data was collated and then what actions were taken.

We'll start with end-to-end profiling of the ChatBot, then dig deeper into the latency of individual services and then finally down to profiling individual APIs to find the bottlenecks and breaking points.

Tools we'll show you include CProfile, RunSnakeRun, Logstash, New Relic and

We hope you can join us at Babylon Health, 60 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DD.

We'll open up RSVPs 14 days before the event.