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aiohttp / GeoPandas

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6:30 PM : Doors open

7:00 PM : Making 100 million requests with Python aiohttp - Andy Balaam

Andy will talk about how to make Python truly asynchronous with aiohttp and have some fun seeing how hard you can push it

Andy is a lead dev at OpenMarket, previously at IBM

7:30 PM : GeoPandas, the geospatial extension for Pandas - Gareth Lloyd

This talk explores the power of spatial data, with an application based on John Snow's 1854 Cholera map. The famous map has many myths surrounding it, and I ask what John Snow could have done differently with modern GIS technology.

Gareth has been using Python for over 8 years. He's currently CTO at Housekeep, the UK's biggest online home cleaning service.
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