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Werewolf Weekend!
Wherewolf is a social/party game, based on Werewolf/Mafia. A perfect setting to challenge and improve your deception and deduction skills! But, mainly it's about having fun of course! We aim to start the first game at 3pm. Please arrive on time to prevent delays in the set of games. If it is your first time, have a look at the introduction ( roles ( You can watch Wherewolf in action on this video (! Yes, you should definitely come if you have never played before! Learning is very easy, mastering takes time. Still long time players fail a lot as well, no worries! Food is served in the pub.

The Mad Hatter

3-7 Stamford Street SE1 9NY · London


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This is a group for people who want to play the social game Wherewolf.

In Wherewolf your village is having problems with pests. During the Night the village is attacked by werewolves & numbers start dwindling. It is up to the village to burn the culprits in the hope of ceasing the attacks. But who do you burn? Who do you trust?

You will be assigned a role in secret as either a member of the Village or of the Shadow faction. It will be up to you to convince the other villagers that you are on their side & should not be burnt at the stake!

If you've never played before don't worry! There are always new players & we'll welcome you with open paws & pitchforks. The plan is to get together every so often (seeing as we're starting out) & have some fun.

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