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Woodland Mid-Winter 2019- Gathering & Yule ceremony

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Woodland Mid-Winter 2019- Gathering & Yule ceremony


"Winter approaches.. nights are long. Day light is short. And in the deep caverns below the Earth, the great Goddess gives birth to the Sun-Child! We gather to mark this sacred event and celebrate Winter Solstice".

Out ritual Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved in the actual ritual - ie with elements calling, chants, magical work and so on.

*** Fixed fee: £5 ***

Date (tbc) : Friday 20th December 2019.

Duration . 6.45pm meeting point for 7pm walk to woods and starting ritual. As it's weekday night we must start sharp. Please be on time.

Queen's Woods (gather outside at Woodman's pub first)

Meeting point: --------
Please be ready OUTSIDE the Woodman pub.. at 7pm for collecting and walk to woods . You may gather inside the pub but if you do please buy drinks etc or the pub staff get annoyed at our large groups.

Magical behaviour-----------

**From the moment you arrive at sacred space in woods, you are kindly asked to observe stillness and reverence throughout the ceremony. All willing are expected to participate - during which moments, you are asked to be calm and not disruptive of their inner-work. **

Magical Safety -------------

** Once Circle is cast, we do not allow anyone to enter the sacred space..or leave without an appointed Priest/Priestess opening a doorway in the circle. If you arrive late or must leave at any point, please seek the appointed Priest/Priestess for this. Please do not Crash the circle - as it can cause magical weakness for the whole ritual and let outside energies enter or leak our own built up energy**

RITUAL items to bring:----------

  • Your ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks
  • Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks
  • Drums & musical instruments
  • Lanterns / candles / lighter
  • Crystals / runes / divination tools
    -Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read)

ALL WELCOME--------------
-All Pagans of any spiritual are welcome..
** This event is NOT suitable for children.**

What to bring/ Food & drinks to share -------------------

-Home made/ baked items are exceptionally welcome (Bread, cakes, buns, salads, soup, pre-cooked potatoes).
-Wine & Mead are popular for the pre-ritual social and for feasting & socials afterwards!

  • shop-bought items (sausage rolls, short-eats).
    -Cheese / ham/ butter/ crisps/ dips
    -Chicken (cooked pieces)
  • Water / soft drinks/ tea & coffee in flasks
    -vegetarian food/ vegan food
    (Basically any items that add towards a sensible feast/ meal).

Cutlery etc: Plastic cups, paper plates, forks & knives, spare bags (to pack items not eaten), bin bags - we usually bring these. But if you can bring some too - that will be good.

Torch light - Some evening gatherings finish in dark. So a torch light helps to find things when tidying up & packing.
Seating : Folding seats / ground sheet ( for your self to sit on) - optional.

wear sensible outdoor cloths*.

Bright Blessings
Mani & The Woodland Witches Ritual Team

Near Highgate Station · London