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Woodland Witches - Samhain 2019 Gathering

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Woodland Witches -  Samhain 2019 Gathering


SAMHAIN - the Pagan seasonal festival for honoring our ancestral spirits, seek wisdom from the spirits in the veil between worlds ! Our Outdoor Samhain is particularly intense because of the real dark (wet, windy) environment among trees and bushes that are already bare ...! As evening falls, there is an eeriness that also becomes apparent.. Once at the ritual space, you will be immediately involved in the ritual - of the calling of the DarkLord, and communing with ancestors. Some divination work will commence before feasting.

• This is an open ritual held in an outdoor park/woods with easy public access.. Out ritual Team will conduct the ceremony, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved in the actual ritual.

•Please read this info section fully to get a good idea of what is involved, so that you are better magically prepared. Thank you.

• Fixed Fee: £5. Pay The ferryman at the beginning of the event.

About samhain:

"Samhain is a festival for the dead and ancestors. Death is seen as a transition from one phase of life to another (The Death Card in Tarot has similar meaning), or from one incarnation to the next. The Dark Lord opens the gateway between our world and the underworld and invites all to feast (commune) with the dead. At Samhain the veil between world is thin, and so it is perfect time for the art of divination and mediumship."

In this ritual, we'll be focusing on the Dark Goddess Hecate of the Triple flames, who guides us at the cross roads of Life, and offers us wisdom of our choices.

New Date: Sunday 27th October 2019.

Meeting point & new time:
4pm onwards at the patio/ garden area of Woodman's Pub, Archway Road, High Gate. You'll be greeted by The Ferryman at 4.30pm and walked to the Woodland and ritual spot.

*This event is organic - and is expected to last 90 minutes including meditative & stillness, ritual drama, an audience with The Dark Lord, and Samhain magic (communing with Ancestral spirits & rebirth work) . There will be slow chanting, drumming at various sections, and a small ritual flame in a cauldron ** After the formal end, there will be some feasting in sacred space/ circle by the Altar, and a return to the Woodman's pub for more socials..

Magica behaviour:

**From the moment you arrive at sacred space in woods, you are kindly asked to observe stillness and reverence throughout the ceremony. All willing are expected to participate - during which moments, you are asked to be calm and not disruptive of their inner-work. **

Magical Safety:

** Once Circle is cast, we do not allow anyone to enter the sacred space..or leave without an appointed Priest/Priestess opening a doorway in the circle. If you arrive late or must leave at any point, please seek the appointed Priest/Priestess for this. Please do not Crash the circle - as it can cause magical weakness for the whole ritual and let outside energies enter or leak our own built up energy**

RITUAL items to bring:

  • Your ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks
  • Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks
  • Drums & musical instruments
  • Lanterns / candles / lighter

-All Pagans of any spiritual are welcome..
-NO Children or Babies (anyone under 16 yrs) allowed at this event

Here are some suggestions--

-Home made/ baked items are exceptionally welcome (Bread, cakes, buns, salads, soup, pre-cooked potatoes).
-Wine & Mead are popular for the pre-ritual social and for feasting & socials afterwards!

  • shop-bought items (sausage rolls, short-eats).
    -Cheese / ham/ butter/ crisps/ dips
    -Chicken (cooked pieces)
  • Water / soft drinks/ tea & coffee in flasks
    -vegetarian food/ vegan food
    (Basically any items that add towards a sensible feast/ meal).

Halloween Costume

You are welcome to dress up in your Halloween best cloaks, robes, shamanic attires etc. Bring pumpkins, masks, glow-lights, food & drinks to share...

-Mani Navasothy
(Wiccan High Priest )

Our courses / Resources:

  1. e-witch Apprentice (home study) course.
    £13 per module. Study at own pace.

  2. Divination & Magic with RUNES - 1 day course
    £30. Saturday 16th Nov'2019 . (10.30am to 5.30pm)

  3. -Beginners High Magic - indoor course at The Atlantis Bookshop
    Wednesday 20th Nov'19. £20. (6.30pm to 9.30pm)

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