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Wicca Course for Beginners (1-day course, outdoors, London)

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Wicca Course for Beginners  (1-day course, outdoors, London)


This 1-day introduction course on Wicca is for New comers, Beginners & seekers - all those interested or curious about Wicca & Witchcraft, and like to learn it all in a down to earth, friendly, experiential manner...!


This is a basic introduction course. Brief explanations will be given as well as demonstrations, use of pathworking, meditation, energy work, some practice;

• Intro: Origins of Modern Wicca; Wiccan Law & principles;
• Energy: Connecting to nature; Chakra & Tree meditation;
• Altar & Ritual tools - athame, wands, sword, scourge, pentacle etc
• Sweeping/ purifications; Consecrations with salt & water/ incense; casting magic circle (words/ demo);
• Elements & Quarters; Symbols & qualities of Air/fire/Water/Earth in wicca; pentagrams/ triangles; invocation words (demo); Transpersonal work (4 functions).
• God & Goddess in wicca: Horned Gods; Moon Goddesses ; what are invocations & charges? who can use the energies? Empowerment; Importance of devocations;
• Magic & Spellcraft in Wicca;
• Esbats & Sabbats- Wheel of the year - related seasonal myths.
• Initiations & Coven life.

Lead Tutor: Mani Navasothy - Wiccan High Priest
Co-Facilitator: Ann Luise.

This course takes place in a secluded place in Queen's Woods, High Gate. But we initially meet at The Woodman's Pub, Archway Road.

meeting point / time:---------
Gather in patio area of The Woodman's Pub, Archway Road, High Gate from 10.30am. We'll be going to the woods at 10.45am to start course..

What to bring:-------

-Bring your own snack/ drink / packed lunch.

  • bring cushions/ blankets for your own comfortable seating.
    -RAIN: If it rains, we'll have a tarpaulin cover put up over the course area.
    -wear warm / water proof clothing/ coats and suitable shoes/ trainers/ boots.
    -Bring note book/ pens to take notes. (some typed notes will be e-mailed to you after you attend the course).

How to Register / pay fee--------
-update on 19/10/19- pay £20 on the day cash fee at Course.

Note: If courses is rescheduled or cancelled, those who paid will be offered the choice of moving to the re-scheduled course or full refund. If you cancel 3 days or more (16th oct or earlier) before course, full refund offered.

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy
Wiccan High Priest / Author / Teacher

Near Highgate Station · London
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