Wiccan Full Moon Esbat & Lunar Eclipse Ceremony ( January 2020)

☆London Woodland Witches, Wiccans & Pagans  Community ☆
☆London Woodland Witches, Wiccans & Pagans Community ☆
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Millennium Bridge

Thames Embankment · London

How to find us

Meeting point: Please gather by area under the Millennium Bridge, South Bank. close to Tate Community Gardens (Postcode SE1 9JE).

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On this night, we gather for our monthly `Tamesa Full Moon Ritual'. We create sacred space, call on elements, raise energy, and honour the Moon Goddess. Then do brief magical workings. No prior knowledge or experiences is necessary for you to attend this. Just come with an open mind and join in the ceremony.

Outline of Ceremony (varies) :

-Opening pathworking for personal attunement.
-Sacred space: Consecrations & Circle.
-Calling of Elemental quarters & their qualities
- energy raising with chants & circle movement.
-Horned God & Moon Goddess invocations
-Group magic & spells - using healing chant/ runes.
-Blessing of food & drinks and sharing
-Closing of circle

Magical work:

Optional magical work.. Healing / Health , Psychic Protection, and Work/Wealth. People requiring one of these will be grouped at the centre by altar, and rest of the people will be directed to do energy work around them.

Fee:: £5 . Concession available.

Meeting point:

Please gather on the area by the Millennium Bridge base, South Bank.
This is very close to Tate Community Gardens . If you missed us, come join us under the concrete over-hang (under the Thames path) by the rivershore where we do rituals.

Thames & Tides:

Our rituals tale place on the actual river bank...just few meters away from the water. We organise these Thames-rituals after checking Port of London authority Thames Tide time tables.. to take place at low tide.. (At high tide the entire river bank is under many meters of water!!).

The steps are slippery. River bank full of gravel & sharp objects. Take extreme care with your own health & safety. You are responsible for your safety.
**No children allowed**
** location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities**

What to bring:

• Please DRESS EXTREMELY WARM for weather! When standing in a circle the body gets cold. Please be prepared rather than leave the ritual half way because you get cold. (that breaks circle and looses energy for everyone).
• Please bring food & drinks to share ( bread & cheese / humus/ soft drinks).
• a torchlight & Ground sheet if you want to put your bags down on the damp sand. (optional).

After the ritual circle on the river bank is completed, some people leave for home. Others stay behind to socialise.

Bright Blessings
Author, Ritual Magician, Wiccan High Priest

Useful wicca Resources:

1. e-witch Apprentice (home study) course. Study at own pace.

2. e-book: Coven Guide: How to become an Initiated Witch.