• Intro to TinkerMill's 3D Printers

    TinkerMill on Delaware Pl.

    *due to covid-19 this class will be limited to one person till social distancing restrictions are release.

    Class fee for TinkerMill Members is $20.00
    Class fee for Non-Members is $25.00
    Payment will be handled at the class.

    In this intro class you will learn the basics of using TinkerMill's Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers. We will begin by covering the basics of operating the FlashForge 3D Printers and Simplify 3D software. We will then move on to setup of the printer which includes changing filament, preheating, and finally starting a print. After that we will explore basic equipment maintenance that you may need to do before starting a print.

    Learning how to 3D print objects is surprisingly easy and empowering. You can 3D print replacement parts, design your own toys or tools, or use it for art. You can even 3D print flyable rockets!

  • Robotics Discussion Group

    Online event

    Join us every other Thursday evening to discuss your robotics projects (or even to propose robots you would like to build!)

    Some robot project ideas:
    - Autonomous Vehicles
    - Bi-Pedal/Quadra-Pedal/Octo-Pedal Robots
    - Wheeled/Tracked Robots
    - Manipulator Robots (single arm, multi-arm)
    - Domestic robots (lawnmower, clothes folding, debris vaccuming, etc)
    - Food robots (I like pizza...)
    - Specific Function Robots
    - Cat Annoyance robots
    - Skynet

    Got another idea? Propose one! ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME!

    COVID Update: As much as we would love to see many faces, masks are MANDATORY for this event per public health order. Please adhere to the maximum attendee limit. Do not bring more guests than planned. If you plan on attending/not attending, please update here so others can join us.

  • Intro to Stained Glass



    Welcome to the stained glass shop!

    This introductory class will be geared toward the curious person who has never done the craft before, or has had experience in the past but is seeking a refresher of the basics! Framing/edging of the pieces or application of patinas is not covered in this course, but may be discussed for context purposes. We WILL add hanger loops to your finished projects so you can hang it up with pride in your window at home!

    * Know how to cut glass
    * Know how to shape the glass after cutting it
    * Know how to prep, foil, solder, and finish a piece
    * Have something colorful to take home and show off to your friends!
    * Have the knowledge how to use the space and materials, so you can create stained glass art on your own!

    * Materials (paper patterns, glue, glass, foil, wire, flux, solder, cleaners, and polish)
    * Tool Rentals (safety glasses, scissors, craft knife, burnishing fid, grinders, glass cutters, layout blocks and pins, smoke absorber, project boards, soldering iron, pliers)
    * Small class sizes, for more individualized instruction
    * Shop space usage (exclusive use of space during classes to students only)

    * Shop orientation & pricing information (for future shop use, if you choose)
    * Pattern selection and prep
    * Glass selection
    * Glass cutting instruction & practice
    * Glass grinder orientation & use instructions
    * Foiling & burnishing
    * Soldering
    * Finishing & cleanup

    After completing the class you will have access to the stained glass shop including use of the grinder and soldering tools.

    COST: $100 for TinkerMill members / $125 for non-members
    (please adjust accordingly in PayPal or pay the difference via cash or with a card at the tablet at the front desk on day of class)

    > A no-show with no proof of attempted prior contact to the start of the class will forfeit the class fees and the funds will be considered a donation to TinkerMill. If you need to cancel, please contact me ([masked], Slack, or through Meetup) and we can arrange a refund if needed.

    *This is a 5-HOUR class on a single day. If you think you'll need it, please bring a snack with you, as we do not have any to give out. Please bring a water bottle or other drink to keep hydrated, though. We can refill water bottles here!

    * It is very easy to get minor cuts on your hands during glass work. We have a first aid kit and bandages on hand, but please note that you may get nicks or cuts on your hands or fingers during this class. If you have a medical bleeding disorder or similar health risk with skin wounds, please keep this notice in mind.

    AGE RESTRICTION: Class is open to people 12+ in age, even if a parent/guardian is also in attendance.

    This craft and class typically involves physical contact with LEAD, a material known to potentially cause bodily and/or reproductive harm. We have a heavy-metals removing soap available in the shop for handwashing, as well as nitrile gloves available if you wish to eliminate/reduce physical contact with the solder (solder is a mix of 60% lead and 40% tin). Feel free to bring gloves of your own if you wish, but you will need finger dexterity (so nitrile-dipped gloves are good, heavy leather work gloves are a bad idea).

    I tell my students to wash their hands thoroughly after handling any solder and any finished pieces, just don't lick the solder or any finished pieces, and they should generally be fine. Lead-free solder is available upon request for personal shop use, but will NOT be used in this class.

  • Blacksmithing Safety Course

    1840 Delaware Pl


    -$50 for members
    -$75 for non-member
    This is the Tinkermill Blacksmiths safety course at Tinkermill and is required for you to use the forge at Tinkermill.

    Please wear non-synthetic clothing and shoes that cover your feet. No sandals, please. We will go over why in the class.

    We will be reading this safety document at the beginning of the course and then moving onto the forge area to practice.


  • Sunday Open House!

    TinkerMill on Delaware Pl.

    This month 4/2021 Boulder county has moved to level blue but we retain our request to Please RSVP so we know you are coming. There may be delays in the tour so please be patient.

  • Instructions on how to get Wood Shop Certifications



    This is a repeating informational nonevent.

    The instructions on how to proceed with the online portion of certification are in this document.

    FYI, IPCS's are scheduled based on the number of people on the woodshop class queue. Please go through the process to get In the class queue for the class you want and then feel free to post in the woodshop channel of Slack or DM me if you don't think one is being scheduled quickly enough.

    Depending on what you want to do in the woodshop you will need to complete the different classes listed below. Everyone that uses the woodshop will need to take the Woodshop Safety and Policies Class(S&P) annually. This is a free class and goes over basic usage policies and safety in the shop. There is no physical component to the class, simply watch the video and take the quiz. The other classes will all have a hands-on session with an instructor to verify your understanding of the tools' use and safety. After you watch the videos and complete the quiz you will be placed in the class queue for the in-person certification session (IPCS). There is a separate queue for each class. Instructors will post available session dates and times and cut off dates in the Slack woodshop channel, Meetup, and email. The person highest on the class queue that responds by the cutoff time will get in that session.

    The tools are broken into the following classes.
    Woodshop 101 teaches;
    How to make a simple wooden spoon with each tool
    How to use the drill press
    How to use the miter saw
    How to use the band saws
    How to use the tabletop disc and belt sander
    How to use the panel saw
    How to use the router table

    Woodshop 201 teaches;
    How to use the combo 16" jointer/planer machine
    How to use the drum sander

    Sawstop covers how to use the Sawstop table saw.

    Wood Lathe (Spindle class) covers the use of the wood lathe.

    After you have completed the quiz for a class you are automatically placed in woodshop class queue. You can see the class queue here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZI31JSLQSZgYlBSROQJ04xgcCeKVAgKaAyFje1hpF0A

    After you get on the class queue keep an eye on your email or watch for IPCS postings in Meetup.

  • Homework for Shopbot CNC router

    TinkerMill on Delaware Pl.

    === IMPORTANT ===

    This Meetup event is not an in-person class. These are the directions for the pre-requisite homework. Please read and understand the entire description below.

    === Homework ===

    Homework required for training on the ShopBot CNC router will allow more makers to be trained in a shorter period of time. With our limited resources we are asking that classroom time be moved to homework to prepare for actual operational training. Here is the assignment:

    1. Download the software used for operating the machine at http://www.vectric.com/products/vcarve/trial.html .

    2. Design a project by either using the built in vector drawing package or import a vector file of your own for developing a tool path.

    3. Use the tools in the software package to create a tool path. It is best to use the tool that will be provided in the class (1/4" straight cut end mill).

    4. Use the simulation feature to run your tool path virtually.
    (Note, you will not be able to save your tool path.)

    5. Take a screen shot of the simulated tool path and email to [masked].

    After completing this step you can be scheduled for hands on training on the ShopBot. Depending on the backlog of students it may take a few weeks for the instructor to get back to you. The instructor will reach out via email to set up a time when they have their next known availability. When coming to training please have your Vcarve file ready. You can save your vector files created in the drawing tab of V-Carve. You can use that file during the hands on portion of the class. NEXT STEPS

    The one-on-one class/checkout will take 2.5 to 3 hours. You will need to bring the following to the one-on-one class:
    - The material you want to use for your part.

    - .crv file (saved from VCrave) of the part you wish to cut out.

    - $100 for the class fee - this will also get you one bit (1/4" straight cut bit).

    - Any special tooling that you might need for your file. We do have 3 different collets if you wish to bring special tooling: 1/2", 1/4" and ~1/8". Please only bring/use carbide bits on the ShopBot.

    - Knowledge of speeds and feeds for the tools you will be using. Look online for some suggested speeds and feeds. We will also review these before we start cutting.

    This class will only cover the 2.5D manufacturing. We will cover 3D parts in a separate class (will probably be much shorter).

  • Intermediate Machine Embroidery - 6 Needle Certification

    TinkerMill on Delaware Pl.


    Get certified to use the 6-needle embroidery machine in the textiles shop! You'll be able to stitch larger designs with fewer thread changes.

    Prerequisite: Introduction to Machine Embroidery (contact Chad Marks)

    We will cover the basic operation of the BabyLock EMP6 including transferring designs to the machine, manipulating the design on the machine, setting up for embroidery, hooping, changing threads and basic trouble-shooting. Everything that we will cover is mentioned in the TinkerMill Wiki in the Textiles / BabyLock EMP6 section.

    Class is limited to 2 students. Everyone is asked to wear a mask and maintain social distancing as best as possible.

    Cost is $40 for members, $50 for non-members.

    Fast Pass certification for $15 is available if you can demonstrate in person all of the skills that are covered in class. Please contact Lynne Newberry to arrange a separate Fast Pass certification session.

  • 80 Watt CO2 Laser cutter Certification: One-On-One Training



    Member Cost: $50
    Non-Member Cost : $100
    If you are a non-member we will handle the additional payment at the time of the class.

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, laser cutter certifications will be limited to a single attendee. In addition to keeping everyone healthy, the benefit to this format is that you can bring in your own project file and cut it out during the class. For time constraints, the duration of the cut or engrave path will need to be 15 minutes or less.

    If you do not have a project in mind we will provide material for practice cutting and engraving paths.

    Please read this before the class: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lCEe05Evx3gsxmloRPwT4p3PqqgvhVoHnbwVgrxRnWM/edit#slide=id.p

    In this class we will cover:
    -General laser cutter operation,
    -Uploading a design and checking the scale,
    -Determining if a material is safe to use in the laser cutter, and
    -How to handle emergencies.

  • TinkerMill Weekly Meeting

    Online event

    To encourage social distancing, we're holding the TinkerMill member meetings virtually. Please click the following link to attend: https://meet.google.com/qjt-cifa-enp

    Member Meeting -- Open to the public, bring your friends!

    Are you an engineer? Scientist? Technologist? Artist? Student? Entrepreneur ? Need a place to share tools, knowledge and community? A place to start a company? Want to learn about Arduinos, drones, or locksport?

    TinkerMill is Longmont's makerspace. We're an innovation center, makerspace, and education hub where tech, art and expertise meld together. TinkerMill is a place where things happen!

    Our member meeting is open to the public and held every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM.