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Sept. 3rd Meeting Agenda

No more boring meetings. Interaction isn't just wanted, it's needed. We need more give and take in these meetings.

Speak up! Step up! Start something!


for Sept. are due now. Jeff to track.checks or cash in the dues box on the desk in back. Credit cards via Jeff or Scott. Autopay via your billpay system is encourage (Jeff to provide details).


: Please pay your pledges or get with/email Scott on how you'll be taking care of it.




Learned: Forges can explode, by Lee.


NoCo Makerfaire

projects. Updates on existing projects. New ones?


robotic with SVVSD? (Steve, update?)

Flour Mill planning

group: Rubber meets the road: Sign up now if you want to be involved. See Scott after the meeting for more info on what's involved.

Work Stations


What other workstations do we need to create?

-Soldering-Electronics-Small tools-3D printing -Textiles-Laser Cutter

-Other? What do we need?).


: (Dav and Trent) At least one per week (every Saturday), more are better. Start with basics: Soldering (who will teach it? What do we need?). 3D Printing basics. (Who will teach it? What do we need?). Intro to Arduino (who will teach it? What do we need?)

SparkFun educational resources:

Let's go over this list of Sparkfun Tutorials and decide which ones we should start with as classes.

What sparkfun stuff should we buy for projects (Lindsay to give us an overview on what's possible).

Remember: ANYONE can teach a class on anything. The do not need to be members. Do you know anyone that can teach an interesting class? Can you ask them if they'd be interested in doing that at TinkerMill?

Thursday FoF meeting

at TinkerMill.

Friday Game night

(Poker, munchin, board games, ping pong smack down).

Saturday: Open house and Classes

What did we decide we'd do? (Hopefully someone with the initial L.L. will be available). If anyone has a BBQ, bring it and let's set it up outside the back door.

After the meeting: A short class on

electronics and textiles

by Lindsay (mabye).


Send in your agenda item requests via the Google groups site (see below) or email me directly at [masked].

Don't forget to sign up for the Google Groups discussion group:!forum/longmonthackerspace

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