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We are hosting a weekly 'Work From TinkerMill" day.

We're now doing it at 1840 Delaware Pl. The "Big" space.

Lots of space. highspeed internet access.

Thursdays from 9-10am- ish to 5pm-ish, any and all are welcome to drop by and grab a chair, an electrical outlet, some internet, a bit of coffee and maybe (if someone remembers to bring some) a doughnut or bagel.

Open to the Public.

This is just a way to get out of the home office and mix with some like minded tinkerers. Maybe grab lunch with a few people you normally wouldn't meet. Bounce ideas off folks to see if your brilliant insight is, indeed, brilliant.

It also might be fun to have a 'hack and tell' kind of event where people can bring in their projects and show them off and get feedback.

Of course, our other space downtown at 519 4th Ave is also (always) open for use by our membership anytime.

Something like this: