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What we’re about

The Louisville Bitcoin Meetup is for people who share an interest in Bitcoin. From complete novice to seasoned veteran, this is your chance to come together and share stories, ideas, or opportunities.

Are you new to Bitcoin and want to learn more? Are you a business owner and curious about the benefits of accepting bitcoin? Do you just completely geek out over math and technology? Are you a student of economics or game theory? Are you excited about the amazing prospects for Bitcoin? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this group is for you!

We aim to foster an environment that will help individuals and small business get started with Bitcoin. Learn from other Bitcoin users how to trade for goods and services, how to secure your coins, how to set up online shopping carts to accept Bitcoin, and how to buy, sell and trade. As our group grows, we hope to facilitate dialogues with community businesses in hopes of fostering wider adoption.

There certainly are plenty of other cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contract platforms, and all kinds of blockchain-based projects and technologies that have come along since Satoshi Nakamoto's brilliant white paper. After some consideration, we've decided to leave all those topics to other Meetup groups, while we continue to stay in our lane and focus specifically on Bitcoin.

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