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We are a San Diego-based community interested in lucid dreaming and related states of consciousness. We organize lucid dreaming meet-ups, workshops, lucid dream sharing groups, and other events that are appropriate for all levels of experience.

A lucid dream is when you are explicitly aware that you are dreaming while dreaming. This level of consciousness is of such a higher order that you can literally take a step back while dreaming to say aloud, "I am dreaming! This is a dream right now!" The degree of freedom, creativity, exhillaration, and sense of safety is quite extraordinary in the lucid dream state. Lucid dreams have a wide range of applications, many of which can serve health and wholeness and further inspire your passion for consciousness exploration. For instance:

- Meditate in the lucid dream state.
- Inspire creativity and intuition.
- Accept and befriend the shadow self.
- Problem-solve to remove blockages in your life.
- Train in the Tibetan Yogas of dream and sleep.
- Apply other practices while within the lucid dream state (e.g. mindfulness, Reiki, yoga, animal medicine, chakra balancing, martial arts, etc.).
- Many more


Join our Meetup group to be notified of new events and contribute to how our community evolves. Meetups will be held in various locations around the county. Some events will be free or donation-based, and some will have a fee to support the growth and sustainability of the group.


About your organizer: Kristen LaMarca PhD is a healer, teacher, and and researcher with a contagious enthusiasm for the state of lucidity. As an avid practitioner of lucid dreaming and dream yoga for over 10 years, she finds her inspiration not only from her lucid dream experiences but by helping others nurture their own. She offers private and group instruction in lucid dreaming, and regularly facilitates intensive workshops and retreats. You can learn more about her work at http://mindfulluciddreaming.com .

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Lucid Dreaming Integration Workshop (Online)

Online event

Set and Setting is not the only thing you need to lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming also needs to be integrated into waking consciousness to fully receive its gifts.

​Integration is at the heart of lucid dreaming.

The mosaic of benefits promised by lucid dreaming is worth less if you don't remember, process, and integrate your experiences after they've ended. You'll also be more likely to plateau in your practice, losing the motivation and focus to continue maturing. While lucid dreams alone hold tremendous, transformative value, deep and lasting change doesn't necessarily occur without translating your experiences while awake.

This one-of-a-kind workshop creates a nurturing space for tending to your natural lucidity abilities. Not only will you find elite instruction for optimizing the set and setting for lucid dream induction. Kristen's gentle yet incisive approach will lend you the mirror needed to see your dream realities at just the right angles—helping you overcome blindspots and increasing your capacity for harmony and connection. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned lucid dreamer, you'll see that her use of metaphor, imagery rehearsal, science, and the cheeky humor of the dreamworld will help you find your flow.

Aspects of Self-Integration we may explore:​
*Lucid nightmares
*Breaking free of sleep paralysis
*Recurring dreams as favorable lucidity cues
*Clarifying values and priorities
*The Mirroring Mind: Mapping Models of Self onto Other
*Archetypal work​
*The Mindfulness-Lucidity Interplay
*Identity Development and 'Defusion'
*Dialectical Models of Reality - Balancing tensions between:
-Acceptance vs. Change (aka "Control")
-Awake vs. Asleep
-Waking vs. Dreaming
-Doubt vs. Certainty
-Goal-Seeking vs. Spontaneity
-Observing vs. Interpreting
-Self vs. Other

This program comes with the Mindful Lucid Dreaming Self-Study Course, which includes a battery of scientifically-grounded induction skills for producing high quality lucid dreams. Complemented by skills-teaching in mindfulness meditation, the course offers a powerfully, integrative approach to help you develop a clearer understanding of your mind's contents—promoting lucidity whether awake or in your dreams.​

​Program Structure:
*Six consecutive weeks of live 120-minute meetings, followed by meeting every other week.
*Preliminary Week to orient you to the program
*Private Forum
*Self-paced course content is available as soon as you sign up:
*Six multimedia training modules
*Guided meditations and exercises
*Meeting replays

Dates: Jan. 10 - Apr. 18, 2022

Early bird rates may still be available.

Sign up at http://www.mindfulluciddreaming.com/integration-workshop

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