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This group is for all those interested in the LUCID DREAMING workshops, meetups and retreats of Charlie Morley. If you are interested in learning how to lucid dream, exploring Tibetan Buddhist dream practices or deepening your current understanding and practice of lucid dreaming then this is the group for you!

Described as "the most experienced practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe” Charlie Morley specialises in the use of both Western scientific and Tibetan Buddhist dream practices with the aims of bringing mindful awareness into all stages of dream, sleep and waking life.

In 2008 he received the traditional "authorisation to teach" from the meditation master Lama Yeshe Rinpoche. Charlie is the co-creator of a new holistic approach to conscious sleeping and lucid dreaming called “Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep”. This new approach includes practices which aim to help us sleep better, dream more lucidly and wake up with more awareness, clarity and joy! Through learning how to sleep mindfully and dream lucidly we can begin to wake up in our daily lives as well as our dream and sleep as we become more lucidly aware and mindfully enter onto a path of both spiritual and psychological awakening.

Lucid dreaming allows us to communicate directly with our innate inner wisdom and limitless potential which reside within our dreaming mind. We sleep for a third of our lives and lucid dreaming allows us to make use of some of that time, giving us the tools to heal ourselves, to know ourselves and to enter into a friendship with every aspect of our psyches, all while we’re sound asleep. This powerful mind training method can be engaged for integration of nightmares, psychological healing, spiritual practice, more refreshing sleep and as a preparation for death and dying.

All workshops include an overview of the history, science and practice of lucid dreaming from both the Western psychological and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, as well as unique teachings on learning how to lucid dream. All ages and abilities welcome!

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March LUCID DREAMING FORUM with Charlie Morley

Hello Love Studio

The Venue... The HELLO LOVE studio is run by an amazing charitable foundation called Hello Beautiful who aim to strip out the negative energy associated with breast cancer, and in turn highlight the beauty that can be found within this challenging journey. The Forum... A chance for dreamers to share ideas, debate and offer insights on dreams, life and lucidity! Whether you're a seasoned pro or an absolute novice come and share your dream world challenges and breakthroughs with a super friendly crowd. Sometimes there are 10 people, sometimes there are 30 people, but every time there are friendly, lucid dreamy people! This is not an instructional workshop but will include some tips and advice from Charlie as needed in response to people's questions. Everybody is welcome regardless of whether you have lucid dreams or not! The cost is £10 as always :-) For bookings click "going", e mail [masked] or just turn up on the day!

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