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MTK is according to the bylaws of the association

1. the SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE NETWORK LUXEMBOURG (SEN) as part of the international network

2. the LUXEMBOURGISH TRANSPERSONAL ASSOCIATION (LTG) as part of the international network

3. an association for INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT OF SELF AND SOCIETY* (IBG) as part of civil society

actual president of the a.s.b.l.: Dr. Alfred Groff (http://www.alfredgroff.com)

* the socio-political activities are realized in close cooperation with the "Luxembourgish Initiative for more Democracy" a.s.b.l. ( http://www.demokratie.lu )


INFORMATION-LINK about our activities for an integral self-development :
INFORMATIONs-LINK zu unseren Angeboten zur integralen Selbst-Entwicklung :
LINK d'INFORMATION des offres pour une évolution personnelle intégrale :

LEAFLET ACTIVITIES / FALTBLATT ANGEBOTE / DEPLIANT DES OFFRES (download leaflet) (http://www.mtk.lu/MTK%20ALFRED%20FALTBLATT%20HIGHWAY%20134%2025042015.pdf)

Consciousness-Meditation and Exercises in a group
Gruppen-Bewusstseins-Meditationen und Übungen
Méditation et exercices de pleine conscience

Exchange about ways to more consciousness
Austausch über Bewusstseinswege
Echange concernant notre développement transpersonnel

Questions about life, its challenges and meanings
Austausch über Lebens- und Sinnfragen
Echange concernant notre vie et son sens

Eating consciously & fastingfields
Bewusstes Essen und Fasten im gemeinsamen Energiefeld
Manger consciemment et jeuner en groupe

Meditative walks in silence
Spaziergänge in Stille
Promenades méditatives en silence

Meditative walks with exercises (inspired by the 4th way)
Spaziergänge mit Bewusstseinsübungen (inspiriert vom 4. Weg)
Promenades méditatives avec exercices (inspirés par la 4e voie)

Meditating art
Méditation d'art

Integral activities (bowling, sports)
Integrale Aktivitäten (Kegeln, Sport)
Activités intégrales (Quilles, sport)

Cercle d'exercices quotidiens

Trips to Gurdjieff-Movement-Groups
Fahrten zu Gurdjieff-Movement-Gruppen
Voyages-Movement-groupes selon Gurdjieff

Reading Groups
Groupes de lecture

Integral Politics and society
Integrale Politik und Gesellschaftsfragen
Politique intégrale et questions de société

If you mainly want to REACT all your life and not take responsibility for your own life, then don’t join this group. “Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why such a large part of mankind gladly remain minors all their lives, long after nature has freed them from external guidance. They are the reasons why it is so easy for others to set themselves up as guardians. It is so comfortable to be a minor. If I have a book that thinks for me, a pastor who acts as my conscience, a physician who prescribes my diet, and so on--then I have no need to exert myself. I have no need to think, if only I can pay; others will take care of that disagreeable business for me.” (Immanuel Kant, What is Enlightenment?, 30th September, 1784) But if you are willing to ACT, this group can be an incentive to freely making your own CONSCIOUS choices about your path of development as a HUMAN BEING. You will be FREE and have fun :-) To react also means • to be at the mercy of your “associative” thoughts; to apply “rules” without questioning, • to be controlled by feelings of sympathy and antipathy; to like your habits too much, • to sustain longings for sensual stimulations you may regret later; to follow all instincts blindly. To act also means • to be aware and centred, • to sense the energy (“reflections of love”) in your whole body, here and now : “I AM”, • to be consciously creative and realize your potential.

FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE: http://www.alfredgroff.com or http://www.mtk.lu/groff.htm

A few names connected to this topic: Georg Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner, Ken Wilber, Osho, Joseph Beuys, Karlfried Graf Dürckheim ....



1. Teilnahme-Selbsterfahrungsübung: Die Gruppenteilnahme wird Ihnen geschenkt, unter der
Voraussetzung, dass Sie einem andern Menschen innerhalb von 7 Tagen etwas schenken (Dienstleistung
oder Materielles), das mindestens den gleichen Wert hat, wie derjenige der die Gruppe für Sie hat.
2. Unkostenbeteiligung (Meetup, Webseite usw.) 10€ pro Einheit
(eventuelle Zusatzkosten für Materialien werden im Voraus angekündigt).
Für MTK-Mitglieder (Mitgliedschaft 30€ im Jahr) ist keine zusätzliche Kostenbeteiligung zu entrichten.


1. Participation-Self-Awarness- Exercise: Participating in the group is free, under the condition, that you
make a present to another human being in the following 7 days (service or something material), that has
at least the same value, as the group meeting has for you.
2. Fee to help cover the costs of Meetup, Website etc.: 10€ for each participation
(eventual additional costs for material will be announced in advance)
This fee is not due by members of MTK, the Luxembourgish Transpersonal association (membership 30€
per year)

Upcoming events (4+)

ASTROLOGY and SYMBOLON-Cards as guides on your way

Online event

ASTROLOGY and SYMBOLON-Cards as guides on your way

Symbolon-game: remembring yourself and clarifying your themes for the future; your astrological birth chart (basics) and actual transits (current themes) will complement this search - the participants are encouraged to exchange their point of views - bring YOUR QUESTION of the day.

P.S.: your birth chart can be generated ahead on request


Minimum: 4 registrations (you will be informed ahead if the event has to be cancelled in case we are fewer participants)

Language: English

Free of charge

Registration: here on meetup or mail to [masked]

8:00 - 9:30 pm CET (Paris/Brussels/Berlin time) = GMT+1
(not CEST as meetup writes on the right side of the screen)

Two requests:
1) please inform us beforehand if you can't join after all, so we don't have to wait in vain - thanks
2) please turn on your camera, so that the exchange doesn't get too impersonal

The group is moderated by Alfred Groff, Ph.D. (psychologist/psychotherapist): www.alfredgroff.com

MTK- Abend : Meditation und Austausch / MTK-Owend : Meditatioun an Austausch

Begrüßung. Um Punkt 19:05 CET (GMT+1) fängt die geführte MEDITATION / RELAXATION an und wird mit einem Tagesrückblick fortgeführt (während der Zeit sind alle Mikrofone auf still gestellt, die Kameras aus). Dauer der Meditation ca. 40 Minuten.

Anschließend gibt es einen AUSTAUSCH ( ca. 15 Minuten) für die, die es wünschen, zu den meditativen Erfahrungen und Fragen dazu, sowie über die aktuellen individuellen LEBENS- und SINNFRAGEN (alle sind gebeten ihre Kameras zu öffnen, damit der Austausch nicht unpersönlich wird).

Das Zoom-Meetup wird moderiert von Alfred Groff
Psychologe, Psychotherapeut, Autor

Sprache: deutsch oder luxemburgisch nach Bedarf

Uhrzeit: 19:00 (7:00 pm) GMT+1 (Brussels, Paris, Berlin)
(nicht CEST wie meetup auf der rechten Bildseite schreibt)

Teilnahme: frei für alle MTK-Mitglieder (www.mtk.lu) und ebenfalls für alle andern Interessenten - findet ab 4 Teilnehmern statt - bitte abmelden bei Verhinderung, damit wir nicht unnötigerweise warten müssen


Online event

What about my relationships: love, job, family, friends ...
What are the sticking points? Where is there dissent?
How do others deal with it?
Exchange on the topics of relationships, love, giving and taking, moderated by Alfred Groff (psychologist, psychotherapist, author).
www.alfredgroff.com (Language: English)

Participation: free - minimum 4 participants (please change to "NO" if you can't come after all, so we don't have to wait) - thanks

Time: 20:15 (8:15 pm) GMT+1 (Brussels, Paris, Berlin)
(not CEST as meetup writes on the right side of the screen)


TEXTS ON THE TOPIC FROM THREE BOOKS in GERMAN by Alfred Groff - find the translation here:

1. "ISSI-Love" from the novel "MENSCH, MENSCH"

Nexus wanted to know from Kena what true love was for her.
"A true lover is characterised above all by intimacy. Energetic closeness and a shared energy field that can also work at a distance play an essential role. The lovers share and experience energetic-spiritual currents of love. Empathy, consideration, true listening, even sometimes renunciation, all this belongs to true love. Everything you give to the other person is like a wish fulfilment of your own. Also sensual contacts of a tantric sexuality ... touching, caressing, cuddling, skinning, holding, kissing, as an expression of true Eros, the will to live, Georg would say."
Nexus remarked jokingly, "I just call it in one word, ISSI-Love."
Kena smiled at him, "And we are now to guess what ISSI means?" ...

2. "Kevin and Ira" from the novel "I AM, HUMAN"

Here is a typical argument:
She: "My 'things' and yours are connected to those of our fellow human beings."
Him: "You do your thing."
Her: "I want facts."
Him: "Facts don't exist, everyone creates their own reality."
Her: "People love stars and kings and their fate out of empathy."
Him: "People are like Emmental. They fill their holes with royal weddings, pop and sports stars and their scandals, and this out of malicious joy or non-self-experienced joy."
She: "A partner should fulfil my wishes out of love."
He: "A partner should provoke me so that I can develop myself."
Her: "When we make love, do you feel me as I feel you?"
He said nothing in response, not knowing if he wasn't feeling mostly himself and his preferences. A moment of insight!?
She: "Let me cook for you."
Him: "No, thank you." He: "When a man lets himself be cooked for, a woman loses interest in having sex with him."

3. "Randy and Gertrude" from the book "THREE LENGTHS, TRIADS AND ROTATING TETRAEDERS" (ISBN[masked]).

They agreed that satisfying the two basic human needs of 'habit and security' and 'freedom and adventure' are incompatible in the long run. Everyday chores can be tedious and the risk of negative emotional discharges to the roommate are then likely. Marriage was out of the question for them, as both always wanted to celebrate 'the high feast' with whoever or whatever they were with in the here and now. Both found that with the daily pressures of life, a respectful distance from the relationship partner was the better alternative to an overly close emotional relationship. This may work over a period of time, but in the long run it usually goes wrong. The other or others can hardly fulfil all needs. In addition, in the course of time, the individual characteristics that one loved at the beginning become annoying and bothersome. And when you know that physical and psychological specificities have a tendency to come to a head, to harden, as you get older, that's really no incentive to hang out together often and for too long either. Perhaps for those who feel the need to express their love through inseparability? At any rate, this was not the case with Gertrude and Randy. They also wanted to miss each other, to long for them, to feel it painfully in their stomachs and to be all the more happy when the togetherness then became reality.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

What do MULLA NASRUDIN stories & the TAROT way of the fool have to do with me?


MULLA NASRUDIN appears in thousands of stories, sometimes funny, sometimes wise, but often a fool or the butt of a joke. A Nasreddin story usually has a DIFFERENT HUMOUR and an educational character. You will hear the story of the day. We can share about the theme of the story and how it relates to our PERSONAL LIVES and experiences.


The Journey of the Fool is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each major arcana card of a TAROT deck represents a stage in this journey - an experience a person must have in order to realize their WHOLE BEING. Each of the participants draws their card of the day and explores how the theme relates to their PERSONAL LIFE and experiences. If they wish, participants can receive feedback from each other to point out any 'blind spots' in their view.

Minimum: 4 registrations (you will be informed in advance if the event has to be cancelled if there are not enough participants). Please cancel if they cannot attend so that we do not have to wait unnecessarily. Thank you.

Language: English

Free of charge

Time: 20:00 (8:00 pm) GMT+1 (Brussels, Paris, Berlin)
(not CEST as meetup writes on the right side of the screen)

Registration: here on meetup or by mail to [masked].

The group will be moderated by Alfred Groff (www.alfredgroff.com)
and lasts 60 minutes

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