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Around the Table Game Pub is a Lynnwood game store and meeting place for gamers, game enthusiasts, sci-fi and fantasy fans, beer drinkers and cider lovers. But we're more than just a pub, we want to grow a community of people who love these things as much as we do in the North King County/South Snohomish County area.

While many of these events will take place at our pub, feel free to add your own events elsewhere. Happy gaming!

Upcoming events (5+)

Magic: The Gathering Commander League!

Around the Table Gamer Pub

Get your EDH on with Around the Table's Monday Night Casual Commander League! Have a Magic the Gathering commander deck, but don't know how this all works? It's super simple. Every Monday Night, participants are randomly paired with other players into 3 to 5 player groups. These are your opponents and you will play two matches with them. For each win in the multiplayer battles, you get a point! But you will also vote after the matches for your favorite deck you played against. That play also gets a point! The player with the most points at the end of every month net a big prize that is often different each time, like a booster box or Commander Anthology set. The cost of entry is either $10 for the month, or $3 for that singular week if you are late but want to play, all of which entirely goes towards prize support. Awesome, right? Right. So drop by, play a few games and join the conversation in our Magic fans at Around the Table Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/122486978418399

Pacific NW Boardgame League

Around the Table Gamer Pub

We're teaming up with Card Kingdom​ & Meeples Games​ and other local stores to host a game competition of unparalleled size and scope! Players play the two games of the season (this time: Lanterns, Concordia and Deus​) and any participating store from as far south as Tacoma and from Bremerton to Issaquah. Players earn points for playing either game and the top scorers get invited to the finals and will compete for prizes and a travelling trophy! Player's can play any time, but our league night will be Monday nights, from 6-10pm. That will be your best time to find a match. We've also added both games to our game library! You can find out more about the league on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/538092462923632/

Co-Op Game Night

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Enjoy games, but maybe not the part where you stab your best mate in the back? Cooperative boardgames allow you to play alongside others while working towards a common goal! They are a great way to improve on teamwork skills, and a relaxing way to vent your stress since the game doesn't have any feelings when you win. This MeetUp meets every 2 weeks, at 6pm or so and is open to the public. So drop by, meet someone new and save the world!

Designer Game Night

Around the Table Gamer Pub

Join us to play our favorite Designer Board Games! What's a designer game? Any of huge selection of modern games that are made for the love of a good game. No Monopoly, no licensed knock-offs. Just good games that are fun to play. Games like Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Agricola, Caverna, Pastiche, Among the Stars and more. Every Monday night at Round the Table, we pick one of these, learn them and play them. Beginners are welcome and there's always someone who hasn't played, so everyone is learning.

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