MAREIA General Meeting--FREE for Meetup members (1st time only)


Why do so many people—mostly volunteers—work so hard to grow and nurture our community of over 300 local real estate entrepreneurs?

It’s because all those like-minded colleagues provide:

Local expertise that we can all learn from
Tons of connections to contractors, service providers, suppliers, and other folks who can help us all build our businesses
Personal resources, ranging from knowledge to money to credit to time to skills, what we can trade for what WE have to get what we want
At our February 13th meeting, MAREIA is playing Matchmaker. We’re giving you the chance to share what YOU have, and what you need from others. Then matching you up with the people who can fill those needs.

No matter what your level of investing experience and knowledge, you can make a list of things you need to get to the next level.

Maybe it's more money, or more deals; maybe it's a coach, or someone who can take some of the day to day work of marketing, or answering calls, or getting your Facebook page set up off your plate.

We absolutely 100% guarantee that you'll leave with connections, resources and new "financial friends" that you don't have right PLEASE pre-register below now and experience this incredible event for yourself.

Full Agenda:
5:30 PM Doors open, registration, FREE food (limited quantities)
6:00 PM Market Update
6:30 PM Case Study (members only)
Guest Orientation (guests only)
7:00 PM Announcements
Quick Pitch (members only)
7:30 PM MAREIA plays Matchmaker "Use what you have to get what you want"

P.S. Don't forget the networking, FREE food and Local Market Update starting at 6:00 pm!