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Currently our events are virtual .

1.Radial Basis Functions in ML (date to be announced)

2.goal-->google? Checkout


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We are Alglorist Coders.

We bring glory to the ancient subject of Algorithm Design by using it to build software.

We are a real life, face-to-face technical community of computer programmers interested in Algorithm Design who get together at Hacker Dojo in Santa Clara to talk, listen, and socialize discussing practical algorithms for solving problems all around us.

Our goal is to help coders in high level languages like Scala, Python, C++, or Java to acquire algorithm design skills as well as verbal exposition skills.

We are Alglorist Coders. We use Math and Logic-based Globish to communicate with one another. We welcome all accents and all unconventional sentence styles that convey the Algorithmic essence of the topic under discussion.

Alglore is folklore of Algorithm Designers and that is a good way to get some of the best of the past of humankind. Logical argument inherent in the folklore is really the focus of this group.

We model our argumentation style emulating W Richard Stark's 1990 book "LISP, Lore, and Logic An Algebraic View of LISP Programming, Foundations, and Applications"

Another book 'Programming in Prolog' 1994 edition is useful to understand the elegant algorithm design that results because of Prolog perspective

What do we mean by Performant High level Code?

Performant code runs on current hardware to provide adequate fast response to end users. Our belief is that performant code can be written in mainstream high level languages like Ecmascript, Python, Java, Scala, Clojure, C++ etc. We can implement innovative ideas in software if we are aware of the pitfalls of the past attempts acknowledging all that is good in the current state of the art.

We conduct low priced code-intensive tutorials and workshops in mainstream high level languages to enhance implementation skills of algorithm designers and working programmers.

Please join us and help us build a community of highly motivated coders interested in continual learning!

We learn from the past and act in the present to build a better future.

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