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MBW Walk at Arab Street on Hari Raya Haji Day!

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Dear Members,

Welcome to our MBW Walking Group!


We usually meet at the Olympic Walk sculptures @ Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade Singapore, near Marina Bay Sands in the year 2012.

Now — the organizer and his team chooses new location on each week and all our walking members love the idea. So... please view our meetup site which direction we are heading every Saturday morning for the year 2018 ...

Do look out for our co-organizers walking plans. They maybe planning some interesting route only for you. Here are the co-organizers names - Chew Keng Kiat - Crystal Tam - Jane Chua - Margaret - CLW - Freespirit, and many other impromptu event hosts.


Who can join?

Anyone can join our walking group.

It is open to male and female walkers, and if you're handicapped and think you can't participate, think again. Please take note for safety reason, participants who are handicapped, please bring along your assistance.

Joining the MBW Walking Meetup ( Group is easy, straight forward and fun!

You will discover a new journey of life all over again, as walking and chatting creates new friendship, and builds our immune system at the same time. In addition, not forgetting we are getting healthier by doing this morning walk.

Rules & Regulations:

* First Step:

Click Join button on this page, adding your real first and last name (and at the very least, your last name). We are real people, who do real walking trails, have real friendships, and please add your real first and last names. Remember Initial - Not Allowed.

* Second Step: - Fill in those Icebreaker Questions:

Please answer the ice breaker questions, such as what interests you have, what you'd like the group to organised, and if you kindly want to volunteer to become an event host, please email the organizer. You can also find out about our walking members by looking at each and every profile and their introductions.

* Third Step: - Please Add a Face Photograph so we can identify you:

Please add your face photo in your profile so we can identify you, and we can see who is who when you attend our events. If do not add your own face photo, chances are you would not be qualified to enter the walking meetup group. As here we do have real people and members would like to know which new friend has join us. (Face photo is a must).

* Fourth Step: - Verify Your Email Address:

Meetup will ask you for your email address and password, then ask you to verify your details to ensure you are human being, and not a robot. Check your email inbox to see Meetup's verification email and click on the link. If you can't find it, do look at your junk or spam folders, as sometimes emails go missing.

* Fifth Step: - Let The Fun Begin :)

You'll be thrilled with all the new friends you'll meet!

You may be wondering, if this is just a singles group... the answer is no. Although a lot of the members are single, that is not the focus of the group. Our MBW Walking Group under is about making plans for walking, enjoy Singapore sightseeing by foot, and getting to know new and old friends from all walks of life. We found that everyone is much more comfortable in our Walking Meet-up club.

Sign up today and meet new friends!

** Please RSVP your attendance for joining our walking event. REMEMBER Do not change your face photograph in your profile, so that we can identify you when you join our walks. The walking leader could easily see you from far, who is who attending our walking trail and/or social dinner gathering.

Our events are for MBW Members only

(No Guest Allowed) Unless they are your parents or your children. Then, they are Welcome to join our MBW Walking Group!

The bottom line 👉 Things to bring:

Please carry a small water bottle, umbrella, positive character, and your smile.

IF we go jungle for walk then please remember to bring your own mosquito spray (optional), and wear comfortable clothes, preferably long pants and covered shoes.

Plus — put on your hat and all walking members please respect all other members. Here we practice kindness, care and good moral support as respect is the most important.

Lastly — If you wish to host a walking event or you have a questions for the Leadership Team. Feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to all for reading our main page.

IF you wish to follow the organizer. Please view below.

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Lupus Association (Singapore)

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See you at the Meetup!


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