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Its not that we know the future but we are interested in learning about current trends and how they may develop going forward.

What is your life going to be like 10, 20, 30 years from now? What is possible, probable and preferable? How should you prepare? What will be the effects of trends that are developing now on your employment, your family, your health, and your community? How will advances in science and technology effect economics, politics, culture, business, geopolitics and more. What are the challenges and opportunities?

These are the areas that are explored at meetings of Minnesota Futurists. If you interested in how the world is developing and what that might mean for the future sign up for our Meetup and you will receive notices of up-coming meetings.

GENERAL AREAS OF FOCUS: Science and Technology | Sociology | Demographics | Economics | World Affairs | Ecology and the Environment | Genetics, Medicine and Health Care | Wealth and Power | Energy | Automation and Robotics | Transhumanism

Who Attends Meetings? Individuals attend from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and demographics. We are thinking people who seek a better future for ourselves, our families and society.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you look at past meetings you will see that it shows that between 1-6 people sign up for most meetings. In actuality, between 12 and 20 people attend virtually every Saturday morning.

• Sign up for our MeetUp and you will receive notices of up-coming meetings

• Regular Meetings: Saturdays, 9:30-11:30 AM Knights of Columbus Building - 1114 American Blvd West, Bloomington, MN 55420

Among the emerging technologies in which we are interested and have focused are: [1] electric, hydrogen fuel cell and driverless car technology, [2] clean-renewable alternative energy, [3] innovative farming techniques, [4] desalinization and purification of water, [5] nanotechnology, [6] 3D printing, [7] virtual and enhanced reality, [8] digital medicine, [9] neuroscience, [10] human-machine-cloud interfaces, [11] synthetic biology, genomics, genetic engineering, biotechnology and biomedical engineering [12] automation-robotics-artificial intelligence [13] big data analysis coupled with "the internet of things" and more [14] drone technology [15] holographic technology [16] Computer technology [17] Graphene and Material Science and much more.

Who are MN Futurists? Established in 1968, Minnesota Futurists is the oldest existing chapter of The World Future Society. We are a group of curious people interested in understanding the evolution and state of current social, cultural, economic, geopolitical, scientific and technological trends and phenomena, and then considering [1] the probability of those trends or phenomena persisting, accelerating, or regressing, [2] the probable and possible implications if they do, and [3] the future we prefer along with strategies and tactics for moving toward it.

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Exploring "Ends-Means Synthesis" EcoHERStory Future-Thought Trends

Bloomington Event Center

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Future Prospects for Civilization Following WWIII

Bloomington Event Center

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