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What we’re about

MRACX Social is your place for fun!

Events offered will vary throughout the year and be seasonally appropriate.

The MRACX family of groups (3) in Meetup your outdoor fitness and social club. Our goal is to promote fitness, health and wellness, and to build personal and community relationships. MRACX has 3 meetup groups that when combined will be your outdoor alternative to the gym. The links are provided below.

MRACX Hiking, MRACX MultiSport and MRACX Social will deliver workouts and social events that are fun, creative and unique and provide opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded people.

MRACX Hiking focuses on hiking and walking activities. We offer moderate to brisk paced hikes, nordic pole clinics, and hiking and yoga combos . Please be sure to read the description of the event to ensure the pace and terrain challenge is at the appropriate level for you.  You can join MRACX hiking here:

MRACX MultiSport provides different sporting events like ultimate frisbee, soccer, baseball, tennis, water sports, dodgeball, bootcamps, yoga, beach volleyball, cricket, rock climbing, cycling and so much more. No experience is required. You can join MRACX MultiSport here:

Please ensure you show up a few minutes early to each event so they can start on time.

Please read our policies:

Please read our waiver:

By joining MRACX it is assumed that you have read our policies and waiver and have agreed to abide by them.

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You can visit our website at:

Thank you for joining the MRACX family! We look forward to working out with you!