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“Agile” is an overloaded word that may mean:

• a movement

• a community

• a mindset

• values

• principles

• practices

Other popular/common terms under the agile umbrella are: Scrum, Kanban, Lean Thinking, Systems Thinking, Complexity Theory.

“Agility” is less ambiguous and essentially is the ability to respond to change effectively.

Who should join this meetup?

Anyone who knows there is a better way of working inside organizations and wants to take steps towards realizing that potential… AND, CEOs, senior managers, leaders who want to create and sustain an agile organization and a more productive workplace - ultimately, to delight their customers.

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Know the Humans, Know the Work

The Spark

Know the Humans, Know the Work Speaker: Mary Robinson Have you ever been in a meeting and thought “why doesn’t anyone know what I’m trying to say”? Or in a project and thinking “how do I get us to speak the same language”? I have found from the various roles I’ve played through my journey to a Business Analyst, that if you get to know the humans you work with, the work will in turn become easier. This talk will be a journey with all the lessons I have learned on how to quickly Win Others Over (WOO) and how to take a step back and learn where your counterparts are coming from. Bio Mary is a psychology girl “stuck” in an IT world. She started her career as an in-home therapist working with autistic children and moved into the IT world with a manual QA role. An interesting journey to server upgrade, hardware support, software support, IVR building to Business Analyst was only possible through hands-on experience, offering to learn and embracing her unique self. She is going to take you on a five step journey that anyone can take to know the humans and how that can in-turn impact your project work.

Holacracy – Structural Agility At All Levels

Holacracy – Structural Agility At All Levels Speaker: Jonathan Yankovich, Certified Holacracy Coach, former Partner, HolacracyOne As the world gets more complex, organizations need to adapt to change faster now than ever before. Just as Agile is replacing out-moded systems of project management, Holacracy is poised to do the same for traditional systems of business management, the underlying structures of which which date back thousands of years. In this talk, Jonathan Yankovich (former Partner at HolacracyOne) will provide an overview of Holacracy and some of the key concepts and processes that support the practice. You'll see how authority can be distributed safely without sacrificing organizational alignment and come away with some concrete practices that you can use to create an experience for your teams, and leave with more questions than you came in with. Speaker Bio Jonathan was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1976. After moving to California in 2012, he spent several years developing products for various Bay Area startups before landing at HolacracyOne, where he spent the last 4 years energizing roles from UX to Development to Facilitation. He learned the intricacies of self-management using Holacracy first-hand and contributed to the evolution of the Holacracy Constitution. He's now making the leap from Developer to Consultant, coaching & training teams on self-management and agile transformation with audiences in the Midwest US and Netherlands, and is available for consulting engagements. Speaker Contact Twitter: @tensiondriven Github: tensiondriven LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanyankovich/ Email: [masked]

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