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“Agile” is an overloaded word that may mean:

• a movement

• a community

• a mindset

• values

• principles

• practices

Other popular/common terms under the agile umbrella are: Scrum, Kanban, Lean Thinking, Systems Thinking, Complexity Theory.

“Agility” is less ambiguous and essentially is the ability to respond to change effectively.

Who should join this meetup?

Anyone who knows there is a better way of working inside organizations and wants to take steps towards realizing that potential… AND, CEOs, senior managers, leaders who want to create and sustain an agile organization and a more productive workplace - ultimately, to delight their customers.

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How to Build a Responsive and Adaptive Culture with Chad Beier and Jeff Bubolz

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The quicker an organization can respond, reconfigure, relearn, and reorganize is the secret sauce to unlocking new levels of adaptiveness and responsiveness. Management and transformation fads come and go, and re-brand is the next best thing to adopt. Organizational agility, on the other hand, will always be critical and relevant.

We have created an Organizational Agility Manifesto that serves as a blueprint for how to change your culture to yield agility at the organizational level.

Join us for a discussion on the structural changes required to future-proof your culture.

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The Power of Silence - With Tomi Sobayo

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