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“Agile” is an overloaded word that may mean:

• a movement

• a community

• a mindset

• values

• principles

• practices

Other popular/common terms under the agile umbrella are: Scrum, Kanban, Lean Thinking, Systems Thinking, Complexity Theory.

“Agility” is less ambiguous and essentially is the ability to respond to change effectively.

Who should join this meetup?

Anyone who knows there is a better way of working inside organizations and wants to take steps towards realizing that potential… AND, CEOs, senior managers, leaders who want to create and sustain an agile organization and a more productive workplace - ultimately, to delight their customers.

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October Meetup with Bradley Clerkin

Online event


Creating a Shared Understanding

Online event

There are a ton of buzzwords that seem to be freely thrown around whenever an organization begins their Agile journey. Learn about a way Matt Riordan was able to help a couple of organizations speak the same language and break down the communication gaps that were created.

December Meetup with Doug Knesek

Online event


Resuscitating the Product Backlog Or The Product Backlog: Where things go to die

Does it feel like the Product Backlog is just a dumping ground for crap that needs to get done? Maybe a laundry list of all the stuff that people are asking for? Let’s explore how to reset the perspective back to delighting customers, focusing on outcomes, and keeping value delivery transparent.

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Beyond Pixels: UX and the User in Agile

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