What we're about

This group is for all manner of activities related to nature and the outdoors. Events in this meetup will vary - examples include:

• Canoeing and kayaking

• Swimming

• Beach parties

• Cookouts, bonfires, and picnics

• Hikes and nature walks

• Nature appreciation and/or educational events

• Visits to zoos, conservationists, etc.

• Gardening events and classes

• Sports and other fun stuff in a local park

• Outdoor Madison events

• Ski-ing, snow-shoeing, and other fun winter activities

• Hay rides and harvest festivals

• Camping

• Lots of other stuff!

My goal with this group is to get people out and about in Madison and surrounding areas.

Since I want the group to be as inclusive as possible, most events will be family-friendly. If an event is explicitly not family-friendly, I will mention as such in the event description, and urge co-organizers to follow these same guidelines with their events.

Who should join?

• Anyone who wants to get outside and have fun - whether it be hiking, sports, outdoor concerts, etc.

• Anyone who loves gardening, botany, conservation, or anything else related to nature.

• Anyone looking for family-friendly/kid-friendly activities.

• People who are new to Madison, or who just want to get to know it a little bit more.

Upcoming events (5+)

Tour of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue ($9 Admission Fee)

One of our members suggested the Big Cat Rescue as a cool place to go see - they offer tours from 10 AM to 5 PM every day during the summer. According the website, admission is $9 (I don't know if they take card, so it might be a good idea to bring cash for the admission). I'd also highly recommend bringing a bit of extra cash with you in order to make an additional donation (if you want to). Come see the lions, tigers, leopards, and more! The rescue is approximately an hour long drive, so it might be a good idea to carpool - we can discuss that in the comments. For more information on who they are, what they do, and what they offer, check out their website at https://www.wisconsinbigcats.org/Wisconsin-Big-Cat-Rescue-Education-Center.

Hike through Morton Forest

Morton Forest County Park

Shout-out to Ben for suggesting this one! Moving it to end of September as it sounds like it's better in the fall

Apple Picking!

Apple Barn Orchard and Winery

Apple Barn Orchard And Winery has pick your own apples daily until 6 pm starting in mid-to-late September. Pick-your-own is $10 per 4 qt bucket. I don't know if they take cards so I'd bring cash just to be safe!

Pheasant Branch Conservancy - Restoration Work Day

Pheasant Branch Conservancy

The Friends of Pheasant Branch host volunteer work days on various Saturdays throughout the year, where you can sign up to help with restoration efforts for a few hours. Work varies - activities may be pulling invasives, gathering seeds, etc. I figured I'd post this up for anyone interested in restoration and/or volunteer opportunities. I've been to some of these before and they can be quite fun and educational! IMPORTANT: if you decide to go, make sure to email [masked] to make sure they know you're coming; that way, they can let you know of any important updates or if there is a weather-related cancellation. More info can be found at https://pheasantbranch.org/event/restoration-work-day/2019-10-05/. Info regarding other opportunities to volunteer can be found at https://pheasantbranch.org/events/category/restoration-event/.

Past events (24)

Fall Fest at the Fitchburg Farmer's Market

5500 E Cheryl Pkwy

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