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What we’re about

Interested in pickleball? It's one of the fastest growing sports in the USA!

This Meetup Group will be focused on getting fellow pickleball players together to play with others of comparable skill levels. We've got a team of organizers already doing that, but if you'd like to get in on the action, just notify us and we can help you create an event! Whether it be just a day/night on the courts, a tournament, coaching, or a league! This is a great way to meet other players!

If you'd like to find more places to play or learn about events that are offered in the area, go to the website of the Capital Area Pickleball Association ( and check out its "Courts" link to area rec departments. Or, to arrange games on your own, try; it's free! Or come to this page, click on the "Members" link, find people you met at one of our meetups, and send them private messages to set up a game.

Events announced here on Meetup may be cancelled due to adverse weather forecast, as described on Here are the factors we look at:
• Sky Cover: some sun preferred, but largely irrelevant
• Precipitation: actual = cancel (wet courts); chance of = maybe (depends on %)
• Temperature: <40° = cancel; 40°-60°, dress for it
• Wind: gusts over 20 MPH = cancel (wiffleballs, you know)

What is open play? Open play = pick-up games. It is a scheduled time where players of any skill level are invited to show up and play with others. That's when most Meetup events are scheduled (basically because we're cheap and don't want to pay to reserve the courts).

Fun Fact: In every hour of tennis, the ball is in play just 11-12 minutes! It may sound crazy, but this is an accurate statistic. How about pickleball? In every hour of pickleball, the ball is in play much longer... a total of 26-28 minutes!

At all times for all Meetups, players are expected to act with respect and sportsmanship!