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This is a group for anyone interested in random activities that are not frequently offered in other types of meetups. Some sample activities include getting bubble tea, photography, snowboarding, Pokemon Go, nature walks, biking, reading a book series, visiting art galleries, going to comedy clubs, etc. I'll organize events around a broad range of topics and narrow things down based on attendees interests. My goal is not to replace any other existing group but to fill time slots that don't receive as much attention on Meetup.

Upcoming events (5+)

Board Game Night Memorial Terrace

Memorial Union Terrace

I'm interested in trying the Memorial Terrace for another board game night. It seems ideal for a larger crowd size and for its many food/drink options. There are food options including pizza, pasta, healthy foods, hot dogs, ice cream, salad etc. the various food places within the Terrace. There are also drink options at the Der Rathskeller and other locations within. We will specifically meet this time in the Der Rathskeller behind the stage where there are tables facing the windows that look out on the Terrace and Lake Mendota. This is fairly central in the Union and if you have any trouble finding the location feel free to message me; it will be at the same location as last time for reference. I'm bringing several board games including Exploding Kittens, Imploding Kittens, Cash and Guns, Jenga (a time-honored classic), Two Rooms and a Boom, Spyfall 1/2, Coup, etc. If others can bring as well, that will help enrich the experience for all. If there are volunteers for hosting up specific games when we start, that may make the process easier as well. Some attendees have asked about parking options. Gorham and Henry streets usually have some free parking available after 6 pm. There are also some spots along Langdon Street that are free after 6 pm. If you have questions feel free to contact me. I'm hoping at some point to get a lifetime union membership so we can reserve rooms to help make the process of meeting easier in the union space.

Concerts on the Rooftop Meetup The LoveMonkeys

Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center

TBD and will be updated as the event gets closer.

Escape in Time Water Landing Escape Room Meetup

Escape In Time - Escape Rooms

There is a ton of interest in escape rooms at the moment so I figured I'd post up something to rally that interest into action. Generally there are eight people for the escape room experiences at escape in time. I'd like to gauge interest in this activity and then decide on moving forward for multiple rooms and postings based on that information. Here is where I got some initial information from: https://www.escapeintimemadison.com/water-landing/ The cost is $30 per person and we would need to reserve in advance. We could cut costs based on groupon and/or discounts from past experiences. We will likely have two or more groups over multiple days to help with the overwhelming interest. Please provide your thoughts in the discussion section below. That will help us narrow down a room and specific times.

Train Ride Meetup Discussion at Festival Foods in the Mezz

The Mezz at Festival Foods

Final Update: We will be meeting at the Festival Mezz area downtown. It's on the second floor of the grocery store and can be reached by going past the aisles of the grocery near the deli area and upstairs. If anyone has trouble finding the space they can contact me via messages or the discussion board. To help make this discussion as productive as possible, be sure to arrive with ideas in mind for where you'd like to travel, the cost you'd be up for paying, and the times that you'd be free to do so. If there is sufficient interest this may result in two separate trips. Update 2: I'm going to schedule a time to discuss a longer train ride that those interested can attend. During that discussion, we can work out more details, availability and an itinerary. The June 1st date I put is tentative and will hopefully be updated for a much sooner time to help organize ideas the event. This event should not be confused for the train museum train ride on May 11th at 1 pm. Update: After thinking about riding a train more, I decided to collect some information about shorter events nearby that we could do to get a bit of the experience before committing to a longer distance. Based off of that I decided to reschedule the discussion event for sooner and to have it on a train because why not? I'm looking at Mid-Continent Railway Museum and a 55 minute train ride on May 11 for an event called the Pizza Train. Its a little pricey at $37 but that includes a pizza, drink (beer/soft drink) and a 55 minute ride. Whoever is up for this either comment in the discussion below or message me. I'm going to call them tomorrow to see how many spots are available and start working towards getting this event up and running. https://www.midcontinent.org/train-ride-information/onboard-dining/pizza-train/ I've made this event to help to generate some ideas about doing a train adventure/trip in a couple of months. To help generate discussion here is a map of all the train routes in the world: https://www.openrailwaymap.org/ While I'm adventurous, I'd like to keep the journey confined to starting in Wisconsin and going through other states and/or Canada for the first time. Let's generate some ideas and make this happen! The dates mentioned above are very tentative and will likely be changed based on group interest and everyone's available times. I will schedule an in-person meetup to discuss this in greater detail after initial ideas have moved things forward more. Locations of interest: - Columbus, WI to Toronto, Canada Route. This route takes about 29 hours 44 mins to complete one way and has three layovers in Chicago, Buffalo, and Canadian Border Niagara Falls. Cost ranges from the economy option at $162 to $483 for the superrecliner roomette.

Past events (111)

Heritage Tavern Brunch Meetup Downtown

Heritage Tavern

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