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The Madison WordPress Meetup Group is for any WordPress user – new or experienced – who wants to learn more about WordPress, network with other users and developers, and discuss all things WordPress.

We host monthly meetups that address topics aimed at:

• Beginners or people who are not familiar with WordPress

• People using WordPress for their business and websites

• More experienced users who want to do more with WordPress

• Technical-minded developers, designers, and freelancers

Regardless of whether you use WordPress as a developer, designer, business or blogger, our Meetups are sure to help you get the most out of this amazing open source software.

Our Meetups are free to attend. This is all thanks to our incredible sponsors.

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Using WordPress as an API (instead of other BYOFEs)

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Wait, what's an API and why would I use WordPress as an API? What the heck is a BYOFE, and what does it have to do with WP? Why are there so many acronyms?!?! 😉 And why is there a picture of the Headless Horseman holding a WordPress logo? Isn't Halloween over? ---- WordPress is an incredibly flexible platform on which to build websites and web apps. Traditionally, WP has been used for blogs, publishing platforms, business websites and more. It offers an all-in-one package. But what if you want to use a framework like Gatsby (or Gridsome), NextJS (or NuxtJS), 11ty, MERN, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, RedwoodJS, etc. to build an application, but long for the WordPress editing experience? Or, what if you have a client that already has a web application running, and would like to incorporate a blog using WordPress to that application? There are many ways to "couple" other technologies with a "decoupled" WordPress publishing experience. In this talk, we'll explore: - What an API is and why use WordPress as an API - Look at other BYOFEs (bring your own front-end), and how WordPress offers the same or more out of the box - How we can easily create custom post types and custom fields to manage our data in WordPress for API consumption - How we can use other frameworks to read and publish WordPress data (I'll be using examples from Create React App and Gatbsy mostly, but this will apply to any framework that can consume an API - Some caveats and how to address those. This will be a jam-packed, Jam-stacky talk, so BYO-lunch and BYO-curiosity as we discover how we can use WP as an API instead of other BYOFE (ok, I'll stop with the acronyms now!). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the Speaker: Nate is a local to Madison, Wisconsin, love learning and sharing new things and playing around with code, food, and his kids. He's currently a Senior WordPress Engineer at strattic.com

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Why WordPress Works

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