Scientific Instrument Control and Visualization

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Scientific Instrument Control and Visualization by Jaz Singh

I did this presentation in Raleigh, which seemed to go well:

Learn how Practichem ( uses web APIs to visualize scientific data and control physical processes. In this talk, Jaz Singh briefly introduces the scientific instrument domain and shares its current shortcomings. He then touches on a few tools and methodologies to address communication technologies to read sensors and control motors, pumps and valves.

Although this is focused on scientific instruments, the concepts broadly apply to IoT (Internet of things).


O'Reilly has kindly provided a second box of web technology books (, booklets and other goodies that we will be giving away.

• Several copies of booklets: Kubernetes, Who Are the Bad Guys and What do they want, HTTP/2, DevOpsSec, and more.

• Books: Debugging Teams, Even Faster Websites, Browser Networking.

• T-shirts, pens, stickers.

We'll randomly give away these to this meeting's attendees. See you then!