What we're about

Have you ever wished there were an AWESOME makerspace or hackerspace in the Salt Lake City area? A place where you can find like-minded tinkerers, hardware entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and makers?

We're building Utah's premiere makerspace and we'd love it if you'd join us. Our space is located right next to the Utah Arts Alliance's Art Hub at 663 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

We're excited! Come to our public meetings or committee meetings. Be a part of our not-for-profit organization and steer this ship in the right direction. The larger our group, the more likely this endeavor will continue to be self-sustaining. In other words, we need you!

Check out our schedule of classes (analog electronics, cosplay costumes, DIY kids, etc.) and our roster of tools (laser cutter, CNC routers, 3D printers, wood shop, welder, etc.)

Check out our website (http://makesaltlake.org/). You can become a member by clicking the "Join Now" button there.

Upcoming events (5+)

Open Night

Make Salt Lake

Make Salt Lake members meet each Wednesday evening to talk, show off projects, and make things. Even if you're not a member, if you haven't been to the space before, we welcome you to come check it out! Slack: http://slack.makesaltlake.org Website: http://makesaltlake.org (you can become a member by clicking the Join Now (https://makesaltlake.org/plans/memberships) button)

Metal Shop Certification Lvl 1 & 2

Make Salt Lake

This class is a certification class for the Metal Shop at Make Salt Lake. In order to use the tools provided in Make Salt Lake's Metal Shop, all members must take and pass this class. This is the Lvl. 1 & 2 certification. The focus of the class will be on safety,PPE (personal protective equipment), proper use and care of the tools, and will be geared towards people who already have general knowledge of Metal Shop tools and procedure. The certification will provide information on proper safety but will include minimal instruction. It will not train you to use the tools, but it will certify you to use the cutters and grinders. It is designed to test members on their ability to practice proper safety techniques. All attendees must RSVP! This class will not be held if there are not RSVP's.

D &D night at Make Salt Lake

Location visible to members

Games will be at the Utah Arts Alliance in the conference room

Open Coding Study Hall, collaborative problem solving

An open meetup designed to solve coding problems in a collaborative environment. There will be at least one experienced coder on hand to help solve problems in project from tiny, say ATTiny85, Arduino, etc. to large PC projects. We may not know the answer, but we are good at finding them! Please bring anything, including your platform, if it is not a Windows PC, that is needed to work on solving your problem. Younger people will need to be accompanied by a parent, there is limited seating for parents and guests, and chairs so you can sit with your querent. We [work to] help everyone regardless of gender, age, or experience level within the scope of helping people solve pesky coding problems.

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Woodworking Certification

Make Salt Lake

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