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Family Makers - Lockdown Homeschool Series

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Simon F.
Family Makers - Lockdown Homeschool Series


A daytime get together for some joint making/D&T as part of your homeschooling schedule!

Tuesdays @ 11am on Zoom (please comment if this time doesn’t work for you!)

Open to anyone, not just Makespace members!

Past weeks so far include:

  • Physical optical illusions! - see
  • Vortex cannons! - See

The basic format is:

  • Presentation of the task/inspiration
  • Making time - everyone work on your project!
  • Show and Tell

Suitable for any age, as the task will be fairly open/flexible and is family making (not childcare!). Will be fine using things from around the house.

Please signup if you might join, and pass it on...

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