What we're about

This group is for members and visitors to Makespace, a community workshop in Cambridge, UK. The meetups are organised by community members both in the space and elsewhere in Cambridge.

To tweak your email preferences for the group, please go to http://meetup.makespace.org/settings/

We would love to meet:

* Community members, enthusiasts, and educational groups who could benefit from a lab in which to work together, network, socialise, and draw on the expertise of others

* People working within local industries looking to innovate in ways that require new skills, equipment and contacts

* Companies and consultancies that support innovation and prototyping, and who could provide training, support, leading to the sale of their services

* Innovators needing to produce physical prototypes to further their ideas

If this could include you, please help us maintain and grow Makespace by joining now, telling us:

* Who you are, and any company/group affiliation
* What you could contribute to and/or how you could benefit from Makespace
* Any other ideas, requirements or suggestions to improve Makespace

For discussions about the space and making in general, see http://groups.google.com/group/cammakespace

For more on Makespace, see http://makespace.org

Upcoming events (5)

Woodshop Club - how to build our woodworking space and community at MakeSpace

Hi Woodworkers,

We want to build a community of woodworkers in MakeSpace and improve our workshop. Join us for a Meetup to make this happen!

Also, join the Woodshop group at https://groups.google.com/u/1/a/makespace.org/g/woodshop-club where the discussions and decisions will take place.

Homebrew Space Club

Online event

More information to come, but keep this evening open if you have an interest in Satellites, High Altitude Balloons, Rocketry, Telemetry , Atmospherics, Data, Imaging, Aircraft, ..... Space.

The point of the Homebrew Space Club, in the tradition of the 1970's Homebrew Computer Club, is to meet and learn about newly accessible technologies, to explore interesting areas, to exchange news and ideas and to support interesting projects.

Current space orientated projects in Makespace include, high altitude balloons, rocket launch systems, satellite tracking systems.....

Our first meeting will be a casual discussion of current projects and aspirations, topics for future meetings, and possibly a demo or two.

The intention is to meet each 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Please get in touch in the comments below if you want to present a project, past or present.

Events at Makespace are volunteer organised. Donations going toward refreshments are welcome and appreciated, but by no means necessary.

Maintainers Club

Online event

The Maintainers Club is for members who help look after the equipment and space to make it run beautifully and safely, and explore how to improve things

This meeting is for maintainers/owners to discuss plans and ideas - what works, what doesn't, what could be improved, how maintenance could be better supported etc.

The group page and email group will be here: http://maintainers-club.makespace.org

Office Hours @cammakespace

Online event

The goal of Office hours is growing businesses. The immediate objective is to gather people running, or thinking about starting, businesses in order to share best practice for exploring market potentials, planning, managing, developing, producing and selling product. The idea is to learn from each other in informal discussions, perhaps to float a few ideas, a strategy, or test some assumptions.

The format will be open, flexible and very practical. The best way to learn is from experience. Hearing how others worked through problems will allow you to learn from their experience, and they from you. Might save you from making the same missteps. It is not meant only as a one-to-one discussion. It works best when several people, each at a different point in the grow of their company, contribute with questions, information, and stories.

We will continue the challenge format in which we seek to solve any business problem in about 30 min. Please do let me know, in the comments below, if you want to present a challenge. All are welcome.

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