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This group is for members and visitors to Makespace, a community workshop in Cambridge, UK. The meetups are organised by community members both in the space and elsewhere in Cambridge.

To tweak your email preferences for the group, please go to http://meetup.makespace.org/settings/

We would love to meet:

* Community members, enthusiasts, and educational groups who could benefit from a lab in which to work together, network, socialise, and draw on the expertise of others

* People working within local industries looking to innovate in ways that require new skills, equipment and contacts

* Companies and consultancies that support innovation and prototyping, and who could provide training, support, leading to the sale of their services

* Innovators needing to produce physical prototypes to further their ideas

If this could include you, please help us maintain and grow Makespace by joining now, telling us:

* Who you are, and any company/group affiliation
* What you could contribute to and/or how you could benefit from Makespace
* Any other ideas, requirements or suggestions to improve Makespace

For discussions about the space and making in general, see http://groups.google.com/group/cammakespace

For more on Makespace, see http://makespace.org

Upcoming events (5)

Maintainers Club

Online event

The Maintainers Club is for members who help look after the equipment and space to make it run beautifully and safely, and explore how to improve things We'll try and keep this meeting short and develop some of the ideas from the session at the end of 2020....... Agenda: - Using [masked] as the focus for alerting about equipment issues. - Equipment Info Posters - Information, Location and Design - Maintenance Scheduling Routines (why, when, who) - Usage and Maintenance Tracking - ideas The group page and email group is here: http://maintainers-club.makespace.org

Family Makers - Lockdown Homeschool Series

Online event

A daytime get together for some joint making/D&T as part of your homeschooling schedule! Tuesdays @ 11am on Zoom (please comment if this time doesn’t work for you!) Open to anyone, not just Makespace members! Past weeks so far include: * Physical optical illusions! - see https://web.makespace.org/2021/01/13/family-makers-physical-optical-illusions/ * Vortex cannons! The basic format is: * Presentation of the task/inspiration * Making time - everyone work on your project! * Show and Tell Suitable for any age, as the task will be fairly open/flexible and is family making (not childcare!). Will be fine using things from around the house. Please signup if you might join, and pass it on...

Jewellery Club

Online event

A chance for anyone interested in jewellery making to meet, chat, learn, share. We'll spend some time on intros with optional show and tell to share interests and skills, and then have discussion and general group QnA including any questions around the equipment available in Makespace for jewellery making and related activities. Experience level not important - anyone from just considering exploring jewellery making through to seasoned pros. Open to anyone - not just Makespace members! Please share with your jewellery-curious friends to help grow the community!

Office Hours @cammakespace

Online event

The goal of Office hours is growing businesses. The immediate objective is to gather people running, or thinking about starting, businesses in order to share best practice for exploring market potentials, planning, managing, developing, producing and selling product. The idea is to learn from each other in informal discussions, perhaps to float a few ideas, a strategy, or test some assumptions. The format will be open, flexible and very practical. The best way to learn is from experience. Hearing how others worked through problems will allow you to learn from their experience, and they from you. Might save you from making the same missteps. It is not meant only as a one-to-one discussion. It works best when several people, each at a different point in the grow of their company, contribute with questions, information, and stories. We will continue the challenge format in which we seek to solve any business problem in about 30 min. Please do let me know, in the comments below, if you want to present a challenge. All are welcome.

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Office Hours @cammakespace

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