What we're about

This group is for members and visitors to Makespace, a community workshop in Cambridge, UK. The meetups are organised by community members both in the space and elsewhere in Cambridge.

To tweak your email preferences for the group, please go to https://meetup.meetup.makespace.org/settings/

We would love to meet:

* Community members, enthusiasts, and educational groups who could benefit from a lab in which to work together, network, socialise, and draw on the expertise of others

* People working within local industries looking to innovate in ways that require new skills, equipment and contacts

* Companies and consultancies that support innovation and prototyping, and who could provide training, support, leading to the sale of their services

* Innovators needing to produce physical prototypes to further their ideas

If this could include you, please help us maintain and grow Makespace by joining now, telling us:

* Who you are, and any company/group affiliation
* What you could contribute to and/or how you could benefit from Makespace
* Any other ideas, requirements or suggestions to improve Makespace

For discussions about the space and making in general, see http://groups.google.com/group/cammakespace

For more on Makespace, see http://makespace.org

Upcoming events (4+)

Laser Cutter Training Practical

Makespace Cambridge

Join the wait list and the trainer will admit you to the training if there is room and you have completed the online Laser Cutter course.

This the final step in becoming qualified to use the Laser cutters in Makespace.

RSVP for this only if you have completed the online training.

Be at the laser cutters before 5:30pm

Please review the laser cutter operations before you attend. During the training you will be expected to show you can operate the equipment safely and effectively.

This training is for fully inducted Makespace Members who have completed the online laser cutter training course.

See the Space - Open to All


This tour takes about 45 minutes. Please be on time and ring the doorbell when you arrive.

This is for anyone interested in Makespace to come and look around! If you think you'd like to become a member or perhaps use Makespace for an event then come and see the space, equipment and meet a few members!

We're looking to better understand what motivates people like yourself to visit and join Makespace; could you take a minute and answer three questions regarding your projects and Makespace?

Please paste this link into your browser (it's a Google form):

Thank you.

Raspberry Pi, Arduino/Microcontrollers and CAD Club Night

Makespace classroom

Tuesday nights in the Makespace Classroom are Raspberry Pi, Arduino/Micro-controllers and CAD Club meet-ups. Come and join fellow coding and computer aided design enthusiasts for an informal evening of tinkering with tech. Help is on hand to assist you with any problems.
Bring along a project you're working on, or join in with whatever else is going on. We typically have a regular group of Raspberry Pi and Pico experts to help you if you need it. Solidworks CAD help is also on hand.
This is a Makespace community outreach event, so non-members are welcome. Just sign up on the meet-up and ring the 'Pi Club' door bell which will be hanging on the Makespace outside door on the night.

Monthly Members' Social Night!


Makespace's regular members' social before the Members' Meeting.

If you have a recent build or project you would like to show, please bring it or some photos along.

A great chance to meet members new and old, chat about your latest project, or find someone who can help you make it. There will be food and drink but additional contributions are a quick route to popularity. An old Makespace tradition holds that new members should bring cake :-)

If you are a newer Makespace member, we really recommend these nights as a way to get involved and see what's going on at Makespace.

Past events (4,700)