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What we’re about

A better future of work depends on our self-awareness and ability to stop working in organizations where shareholder profits trump people and purpose. We believe that you and your ability to act, to lead change and to manage in your companies the way to change the future of work. Management is a collective responsibility and not just the responsibility of a select few.

We’re a friendly and welcoming diverse group of people who meet for gamified interactive learning, workshops and talks about the future of work. We work together to learn how we can develop and transform ourselves, our teams and our organizations to be more aware, engaged, purpose-led, and impactful.

The challenges of a complex world call for management and leadership that embrace complexity and systemic thinking, and that “manage the system, not the people."

We run regular Meetups and certified Management 3.0 courses. For more information on our courses and on Management 3.0, please visit

We are excited by our enthusiastic community that keeps growing week after week! If you want to help, these members improve the future of work by offering an interactive talk at an upcoming Meetup.

Hope to see you at a Meetup soon!

Ralph van Roosmalen