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22nd March 2013 – Pope, UK, Hospitals, Children, Human Rights and the Press

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Our next debate will be in the upstairs Room at the Britons protection on 22th March at 7.30pm.

The February debate was absolutely brilliant, with so many people coming along and participating. It was a great turn out, and I thank everyone for his or her contributions.

We are going to need additional chairs (person not the physical things) every debate meeting now, so if you would like to chair let me know!

Everyone is welcome, please come along especially if it is your first time. This group is made up of diverse people, which makes for great debates. It is also wonderful to see new faces with new opinions.

This month we will split into groups of roughly 10 people and each group can then decide on the topic to either Debate or Discussion. We will then have a break and split into different groups for the second half and again the group can decide on the topic.

Discussions are good with an opening statement, so please come with your opening argument for the discussion. Debates will follow the format of a statement with a vote for ‘Agree’, ‘Disagree’ and ‘Abstain’ from the statement.

Proposed topics (can be added to or deleted as people see fit):
1. What can the new Pope do? (Discussion)
2. UK should learn to be self sufficient (Debate)
3. When hospitals get it wrong (Discussion)
4. Is it selfish to have children? (Debate)
5. Human Rights (Discussion)
6. Royal Charter needs statutory underpinning (Debate)

Now this is where everyone comes in and I need your help. I will require two people to chair either ‘debates’ or ‘discussions’. It would be preferably for people to know the format of the meetings and if you are not happy with the list above, please state additional topics, which I can email round before the meeting.

This month I really do need help and I would appreciate anyone who feels a calling to chairing which is a wonderful different skill to debating. Please can you email me asap so that this can be arranged?

This month there is a voluntary contribution of £2 for the group; this is to cover room hire and the website. I am hoping to keep the voluntary contribution although I will only be able to do this if the room hire is covered each week.

See you soon [masked])

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