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Welcome to Manchester Psychedelics Society.

This is a group for anyone who wants to celebrate psychedelic culture. You’ve probably had transcendent or psychedelic experiences and struggled to find like minded folk to share your insights and stories with. Or maybe you already have a small group of friends and you’d like to meet more.

Rather than have a specific structure, the group will instead host regular socials and occasional organised events as requested by the community, or instigated by the community hosts (talks, storytelling, etc.)

So if you’re interested in psychedelic culture, all things transcendent, the nature of the mind and consciousness then this might be the right group for you. Interesting conversation with like minded people - what’s not to love?

We’ll meet in Manchester City Centre and the community will influence the frequency of meet ups.


We respect the laws of the land and as such, psychedelic substances are a strict no go at any of our meet ups. However, as a community we can talk about organised trips to countries where these things are legal!

We are not affiliated with the national psychedelic society but we certainly share many of their aims and views.

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Bring and Share - May Meetup


This month's meetup will be a bring and share experience! To be clear, we mean experiences, knowledge and stories - not psychedelic substances! If you have something you'd like to share - personal insights, tips, books, videos, experience, etc. then please let Adam (host) know ahead of the meetup and we'll schedule you some time. Anything from 5 to 20 minutes would be great. For those who aren't comfortable presenting, we can make things really informal - nobody is expected to be a professional public speaker. Knowing the members, this will be a really interesting meetup, so throw your cap (see what I did there) into the ring and we'll get some community buzz flowing.

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