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Hi! Welcome to your new Manchester R User Group!

Join us for the first 'revived' event on 15th June 2023, 6pm-8pm.

We are a group of friendly and local R professionals, meeting regularly in-person to share our passion for data and coding. Whether you have never heard of R, mainly code in Python, or you've been using R since 1997 - we'd love you to join!

As the group develops, we hope to boast a range of talks. From how-to's in the R environment, professionals sharing their personal development or journey, and even appearances from staff at Posit, themselves! Subjects will range from 'I'd never even heard of R prior to this' all the way to, 'What do you mean? I built R.'

Finally, if you are interested in speaking at Manchester R - please contact one of our organizers. We would be eternally grateful to hear your stoRy.

We look forward to meeting you!

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New! First Revived Meetup! June 2023.

Spaces - Manchester, Deansgate

Hello Manchester R! – it’s been a while.

We are ecstatic to be holding the first in-person Manchester R event in almost 4 years, with hope to become a regular Meetup again!

This time, the event will be brought to you by Datacove. We are a Data Consultancy Team based in Brighton, with experience in founding many well-attended events for R and Python. New leadership team, but the same brilliant community.

We will be supported by the generous team at Spaces, in Deansgate, Manchester. Hosted by Abbie Brookes and Zac Nash from Datacove.

To begin our evening, we have the pleasure of being joined by Richard Iannone, Software Engineer from Posit (R!), who will be talking about the recent explosion of new R packages with “How to Make Great Looking Tables in R with the gt Package". He explains, ‘at Posit we have been working on {gt} to develop our own ideas of display table generation. It’s great for taking a data frame and making it look presentable, more like a table you’d find on the web or in print.’

Next, we are thrilled to have Brighton’s Finest, Jeremy Horne, Director and Founder at Datacove, with over 15 years of professional experience in all things Data and Analytics. Jeremy will be telling us more about “You Thought R was Ugly... Enter the Tidyverse!" Expect bad jokes, and an R-related T-shirt.

Finally, we have our automation expert, Russ Hyde, Senior Data Scientist at Jumping Rivers. Shiny lovers get ready! Russ will be showing us his how his widely used dashboarding tools for the WHO is automated for efficiency, with his talk, "Streamlining and Automation: Simplify Your App and Simplify Your Life".

Now, refreshments! Drinks and nibbles will be served from 6pm. Talks will commence at 6:30pm/6:45pm and the event will conclude at 8pm. The conversation will continue after the event at a local pub TBC – obviously!

If you didn't already have a million reasons to come, there will be (free!) R Merchandise kindly sent by Posit themselves.

Please feel free to register guests and spread the word.

We look forward to meeting you all!


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