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Manchester Web Meetup is a group for passionate web developers to share knowledge and gain technical insights. Each month we present 2-3 speakers who discuss topics covering all things web, including HTML, CSS, JS (React, Vue, Node.js etc.), APIs, and cloud technologies (AWS, Serverless etc.). Manchester Web Meetup is organised by James Wright (https://twitter.com/jamesseanwright) and On The Beach (https://twitter.com/onthebeachjobs).


We also foster diversity, supporting a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or identity; please see our code of conduct (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yvV1BvVBAEaUl4wxbAFlAmIaHOgNS0RSE5RRyS8mItY) for further information on this stance and to report potential violations.

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Manc Web #16 - C# & OOP and Micro Frontends

Online event

Hey Manc Webbers! I hope you've had a pleasant summer. I'm pleased to announce September's Manc Web, which will continue as an online meetup for the remainder of the year. 1) Jort Rodenburg - Software Engineer, Workiva *C# and .NET for Object-Oriented Programmers* Moving to a new language can be both daunting and exciting, but one big hurdle often stands in your way: there are no intermediate resources out there. Everything is either “Learn programming by using language X”, or “Obscure Features explained: An academic dive into language X”. This is the answer. You already have experience in an object-oriented language, so why cover what an object is? or what polymorphism is? This talk goes into what clean, idiomatic C# is and how to write it. You will learn the pros and cons of C# and .NET, what it does better than another language, and how it is compiled. We even look at some Intermediate Language! The talk assumes experience in Object-Oriented Programming (Java, Kotlin, etc) and high-school mathematics. Programmers with experience in other languages such as Go, JavaScript, C++, and Python will still find this talk informative. Jort Rodenburg is a Software Engineer (located in Scottsdale, AZ, US) with expertise in C#. His previous experience includes cardiovascular imaging software, industrial inkjet printer drivers and HMI, and a financial compliance cloud platform. Jort is also the author of the upcoming book “Code Like a Pro in C#” with Manning Publications. 2) Peter Eijgermans (@EijgermansPeter) - Codesmith, Ordina *Micro Frontends: The What, the Why and the How* In this session Peter Eijgermans focuses on extending the concepts of microservices to the frontend world. This results in Micro Frontends. Microservices is no longer only the latest buzzword, but stands for a broad development/paradigm change to Continuous Delivery, RESTful Services and Agile Development. Teams develop independent (micro) services with a private life cycle, so that new functionality is placed in a very short space of time in production. For online services such as Netflix and Spotify this is vital to compete. Unfortunately, this microservice architecture is only applied to backend development. For the frontend we mainly build a feature-rich browser application which ends up way to often in the creation of as a single, big frontend-monolith. This problem can be solved with Micro Frontends…. The talk provides answers to the following questions: What is a good Micro Frontends architecture? What are the integration approaches in the frontend ? Why and when to use Micro Frontends? How to build a shared component library in the frontend? How do we speed up development with cross functional teams? How to speed up development with Micro Frontends? And how do we implement a Micro Frontends in code? (Time for live coding!) Peter is an adventurous and passionate CodeSmith at Ordina Netherlands. He likes to travel around the world with his bike. Always seeking for the unexpected and unknown. For his job he tries out the latest techniques such as Kotlin, NativeScript or React Native. He loves to speak on conferences like Code & Comedy and the Utrecht Java User Group. In his leisure he writes technical articles for the Java Magazine and DZone. He gives workshops at Ordina. One day he would like to be a Java Champion or a Java Rockstar.

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