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Manifest A Healthy Vibrant Body and Mind - Free Yoga Sessions

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Lick Mill Park

4750 Lick Mill Boulevard. Between Tasman and Montague Expressway · Santa Clara, CA

How to find us

You will find us on the patch of grass next to the basketball courts

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Our indoor yoga class has moved outdoors!!

Join us for an amazing hour and a half of Nithya Yoga at Lick Mill Park in Santa Clara! This is a beautiful and tranquil setting. Bring your own mat. Look for us in the area of the park next to the basketball court. The park is medium sized and you should be able to find us if you look around..

No experience necessary.

Feel free to RSVP if you know you are attending.

All are welcome.

------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn how to manifest the reality we want through the practices of Nithya Yoga and Completion.

Completion is a space or state of being free of worry and regret. Emotions and thought patterns lose their hold on us. When these two methods are practiced together, energy blockages are dissolved and a state of bliss is maintained in the inner and outer being.

Yoga is an ancient science, a most valuable inheritance, and essential in today’s society. It is a science to prepare and train the body and mind to experience the awakening of the inner potential bioenergy – the Kundalini Shakti.

This Kundalini energy when awakened, will activate the non-mechanical parts of the brain and the deeper strands of DNA, allowing one to experience extraordinary energy, clarity, calmness, creativity, and ultimately, the experience of Completion, Enlightenment, Samadhi, or Nithyananda, eternal bliss. In the process, this energy awakens our dormant powers which will support and guide us to manifest our reality, living creative and fulfilling lives.

What Others are Saying:

If you’d asked me three months ago how long I’ve been practicing Yoga, I’d have said, “On and off for the past decade or so.”But the truth is, three months ago I would have defined yoga as that set of physical postures that increases flexibility, stamina, and the ability to relax. It wasn’t until I experienced yoga through Nithya Yoga that I discovered that the ancient art of Yoga is really so much more! The mantras, kriyas, and meditations implemented stimulate the kundalini shakti, revealing the true essence of human nature as powerful creators. The opportunity to learn from the Yogacharyas has been instrumental in cultivating not only my understanding of Yoga, but also my ability to harness the power of consciousness as a catalyst for positive transformation in virtually all areas of life. In health, work, and relationships, Nithya Yoga builds a bridge between where you stand and your higher self, providing clarity to even the most daunting of life’s decisions.

Laura Barnett, TN USA​

“ While doing daily Nithya Yoga Sessions in the Inner Awakening program, my body not only felt stronger but it also began to feel lighter and more open in the hips and shoulders.I began to see possibilities for my practice that I had not seen before. The asana’s are fun yet challenging and accessible for all levels of participants, from the beginner to the more advanced practitioner. Applying the Science of Completion and Authentic Listening while moving through the sequences and postures made this the best experience of yoga I’ve ever had. Everyone who wants to try yoga should experience Nithya Yoga!” Cinthya Narcisi, IL USA

“ I have had a very beautiful Nithya Yoga experience during my 21 day Inner Awakening program..Nithya yoga has brought me a lot of joy, happiness and space. Before doing Nithya Yoga, I had what I call a “Monkey jumping mind”, and now I am capable of staying in the present way better than I could before.
I went from being nervous to pretty much stress free, and where I felt a lot of resistance about many things in life I am now able to let go of many of many of my subjective patterns that fed this resistance in me. By learning to live less in my head, and more in the moment, I experienced a vast amount of energy available to me. After Nithya Yoga my body feels healthy and balanced.
Doing Nithya Yoga helped me to see the possibilities that I have in life, and I realized that becoming a Nithya Yoga teacher is the path I want to take.
.”Yueying Tao, Belgium ​

“ I experienced completion through the movement of my body doing Nithya Yoga.While in Inner Awakening in Varanasi India I was introduced to Nithya Yoga, at first I was very resistant to doing Nithya Yoga because I had been practicing a different type of yoga for a while. Despite of my resistance, during my first session I experienced such a release while doing Patanjali Dhyaan that I actually started to cry during the practice. It was like something that I had been holding inside my muscle memory for a very long time was released! I experienced completion through the movement of my body this was an essential part of my transformation.

Nithya yoga continues to give me confidence to handle every difficult situation I face in life. I know that if I carry the space of completion the solution will effortlessly come.”

Mary Mabry, CA USA

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