• GIS Day Social, Map Art and Lightning Talks
    Have a project you'd like to hash out with others? Feel like sharing knowledge of a new geospatial tool you've discovered? Want to make designs for t-shirts and stickers out of map data? Just need to eat a cookie and meet other mapping folks? Then COME! We're celebrating GIS day with a lightning talk / map-art / social session in the Innovation Garage at Auraria Library on Wednesday November 14th. The lightning talks will start at 5:30pm. We'll have a screen in the Innovation Garage to which you can connect your laptop. Please mention in the comments below if you know you'd like to present and what your topic is about. We'll happily accept spontaneous presenters as well! The map-art stations will be laptops set up with some contour data and QuickOSM data pulling in QGIS for your entertainment. You can make some fun designs for t-shirts like the one in this meetup header. We can also chat about the Import-a-thon from the last meetup if you had to miss that and still want to participate: osmcoloradoimport.info And their will be snacks. That is all. Happy GIS day everyone! Cheers, Diane p.s. Parking info - https://www.ahec.edu/campus-info/maps

    Auraria Library

    1100 Lawrence Street · Denver