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MSW on Parade - Hereford, MD - June 29th (We're Registered! Please Join In!)


Through one of our Alumni, Jeff Squire and Paulette, MSW has been invited to participate in the Hereford Independence Day Parade ( in North Baltimore County.


1. Prior to 4pm, We will meet at Meadowcroft Tiger Mart/Exxon, 300 Mt. Carmel Road, Parkton. This is just adjacent to "The Pit" where we must move in and stage as a group. Important: Let's stage at the Exxon first, then move as a group into the pit to get placed by the parade staff. We will go Brakes off from the Exxon into the Pit just after 4pm, then we must move to and be positioned in the pit NLT than 4:30pm. When we arrive at the Parade Pit we will be given a number and our location in the parade line up.

2. Mt. Carmel Road closes at 5:30pm. The parade begins at 6pm and ends at 7:30pm. There will be restrooms available in the staging pit.

3. Parade Route: The parade route will start next to the Exxon station, go east on Mt. Carmel Road to York road and take a left and go North where it will end at Hereford High School. Parade starts at 6PM and should be over before 7:30PM

4. We will parade in a column of twos (two abreast), meaning two parallel files. To see more about parading motorcycles, trikes, etc., see Motorcycle Group Riding -Terminology "Parade Formation ("

5. For a 'parade presence,' are fielding least 12 Spyders. Okay, we now have the dozen, but we want more! Since the parade will only be moving at about 2 mph (with starts and stops), we could even put two members on foot ahead of the formation, carrying our MSW banner, or two of our passengers could hop off at along the main viewing area , unfurl the banner and walk in front of the bikes. The parade route is approximately 1 mile.

Therefore: We still need ***Please no negative RSVPs. If you're not interested, simply don't RSVP.*** Comments are welcome.

There is no cost to participate in this event. This is a great opportunity to show off our rydes in a parade setting and foster interest in our Spyder community!