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Maybe asking about the meaning of life is not even the right question. How about, what is the good life? What should we do? Who am I? What is this? Basically, any sort of question that occurs to you and you respond with:

“Wait. What?” and then you lie awake for several hours.

So I started this meetup because people who like to think and talk about this type of stuff are the people I want to hang out with. I am hoping others feel the same way. We can get together and fathom the mysteries.

I don’t have answers. What a satisfactory answer would even look like is one of the mysteries.

Philosophy? Psychology? Religions east and west? Perhaps something more specific? Maybe creativity, happiness, transcendence, freedom, relaxation, satisfaction, enthusiasms, authenticity, art, music, poetry, literature, nihilism, existentialism, 42, hedonism, love, lust, beauty, or a really good cup of coffee? We have all read a bunch a books and surfed a bunch of websites. It should be fun to swap sources as well as commiserate over the fact that the meaning of life cannot be found in a book.

Maybe the last time you got to really talk about this was in college? Or not even. Maybe in therapy? Or not even. Maybe you lie in bed at night and wonder if other people think like you do. Is everyone else also hanging on by the thinnest of threads and making it up as they go?

Midlife Crisis
Quarterlife Crisis
Just Plain Ordinary Life Crisis (the dreaded JPOLC)

The enterprise will be sincere if not serious. You have to keep a sense of humor about it, because heavy stuff can kill you (lift with your legs, not your back). Conversation will be respectful with reverence for intelligence and credibility. This is not a religion or cult or therapy. Remember that if you are a crackpot, well that just makes everyone else uncomfortable.

Will there be alcohol at the meetups? Probably sometimes. Will there be snacks? I told you I don’t have answers.

This is me. Thomas K. Skeptical, cynical, and casually individualistic. Mostly Buddhist with existentialist overtones. Vaguely melancholic. Smarter than I look (I would have to be really). Overeducated: B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Entrepreneur, economist, photographer.

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” -- U2
“Wouldn’t it be nice?” – Beach Boys
“What about everything?” -- Carbon Leaf

Welcome. I look forward to meeting everyone soon.

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