What we're about

We're foodies with an environmental conscience & concern for animal welfare.

Meatless Meetup is run by a group of volunteer hosts who believe it to be of critical environmental importance that we drastically reduce our meat and dairy consumption.

Food at our events is vegan but we're not a vegan club. Anyone interested in lowering their carbon footprint by eating more plant based meals, even if never planning to go vegan, is welcome.

We ask members to use a real first name and face photo so we can recognize each other at events. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer with us, from collecting cash at restaurants to helping out at potlucks. If you want to meet more people at events, get in touch.

N.B. As your volunteer hosts can be asked to pay for no show diners, we ask that you be willing to pay for your meal at our events if you cancel without adequate notice.

Upcoming events (5+)

Meals to Save Your Life & Keep You Slim

Vancouver Cohousing

Maggie Brinton will share how plant-based meals can be a powerful help with weight management. She also has returned her husband Tom to good health. In this delightful, informative session, you will get eat tips on fast, easy, healthy meals. Fill your plate up, improve your health and see the numbers on the scale go down. Please bring some (healthy--or just delicious) vegan snacks to share and a loonie or twonie to cover the costs of using the room. What qualifies as a snack? Fruit, veggies and dip, cookies, popcorn, cake, pie....if you sometimes eat it between meals, it qualifies! People appreciate it if you bring an ingredient list for those with food sensitivities. Everyone from omnivore to vegan is very welcome to attend but please make sure the snack you bring contains no meat, dairy, whey, gelatin, eggs, and seafood--so that everyone can partake.

Quarry Rock Hike and lunch at Bluhouse Cafe

4342 Gallant Ave

Join us for a hike in Deep Cove at Quarry Rock followed by a bite to eat at the Bluhouse Cafe. If you are not driving public transit is available. Take the 95 from Burrard Station to the Kootenay Loop, then take the 130 to Phibbs Exchange, at Phibbs Exchange catch the 212 to Deep Cove. Stop is Naughton Ave. It's a 2 min walk to Cafe. (Approximately an hour from Downtown on the bus or a 30 min drive) **If you are driving or would like to carpool please leave a comment in the comments field. ** We'll meet at the Bluhouse Market Cafe in front. It's a 10 minute walk to the trail head. Hike: Quarry Rock Time: 1.5 hours Elevation: 100 meters/ 325 ft Difficulty: Easy Access: The start of the Baden Powell Trail/Quarry Rock begins along Panorama Drive just beyond the park area. Main Attraction: Viewpoints Please wear hiking shoes or runners. ***If you don't hike or are not very active this might not be the hike for you. We will be hiking at a moderate pace.*** Just off the shores of scenic Deep Cove in North Vancouver sits a large rocky outcrop known as Quarry Rock. A hiking trail which is also part of the easternmost section of the Baden Powell Trail, leads to this point offering scenic views of Indian Arm and the mountains around Belcarra. Vegan Lunch: Bluhouse Cafe brings local, organic, house made food to life each day to fuel your hike, paddle, or creative adventure. The Cafe is mostly vegetarian with a lot of vegan options such as Crepes, Smoothies, Wraps, Bowls and Soup. We will be ordering off the menu. ***We are asking everyone to order vegan food items*** ***Will be re-scheduled if it rains***

Lingyen Mountain Temple Tour, Q&A, and Lunch

Lingyen Mountain Temple

This is one of our favourite temples to visit. It is located along a stretch of No. 5 Road between Blundell and Steveston Highway in an area known as the “Road to Heaven”. Schedule: Temple tour at 11am followed by lunch, by donation. We will not be collecting funds as this is a by donation event. Usual donation is $10 and up. All items will be vegan, but no menu is given in advance. Imagine you are a monk or nun, graciously accepting what is offered. You can accept the ones you want and politely decline others.

All-You-Can-Eat Vegan Ethiopian Buffet ($20)

Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

This is one of our most popular events. Come experience an all-you-can-eat Ethiopian feast. Ethiopians eat with their right hands, using pieces of injera, a flat bread made out of fermented teff flour, to pick up bites of food. At this event, most of us will eat with our hands, but you have the option of using a fork. Axum Ethiopian Restaurant is run by a dietitian. We find that the food is not salty and the injera is delicious. We’ll have lots of opportunity to socialize as people get up and walk to the buffet and you’ll get to choose the dishes you prefer. $20/ diner CASH including tax and tip. The injera is made from teff and barley. Check out the menu: • Miser Wot - Split Lentils Simmerd in Spicy Hot Sauce • Gomen/Spinach - Fresh Collard Green or Spinach Simmered in Mild Sauce with Spices & Herbs • Atikilt Wot - Fresh Green Beans & Fresh Carrots Simmered in Flavoured Mild Sauce • Tikil Gomen - Cabbage, Carrot & Potatoes Simmered in Mild Sauce • Inguday Tibs - Portbello Mushrooms Marinated & Sauteed with Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Fresh Tomato, Herbs & Spices • Kik Alicha - Yellow Split Peas Simmered in Mild Sauce N.B. Those not completing the RSVP question will be removed from the event but are welcome to reregister and answer the question. Those cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will be asked to pay the cost of their meal because they harm our relationship with the restaurant and cost them money. (There is no gluten-free option at this event because this is not a pre-paid event.)

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