Meditation Play & Brunch at Dharma Kitchen

Meatless Meetup
Meatless Meetup
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Dharma Kitchen

3667 W. Broadway · Vancouver, BC

How to find us

We'll take over the whole restaurant and look for smiley faces :)

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✶ $15.50 includes the meditation workshop + the brunch, tax and tip.

Dharma Kitchen is like a secret in that they do not advertise—you'd only know about them through word-of-mouth. You might not even discover them if you drove by! It's a veritable Kitsilano gem!

Dharma Kitchen is commendable in using organic ingredients wherever possible, helping the planet and our bodies.

✶ The menu ✶

1. House Salad (tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet onions are well seasoned then dressed with home made dressing)

2. Grill tempeh (DK's signature tempeh)

3. Grilled Veggies (asparagus, baby carrots, green beans and mushrooms marinated in red wine, then grilled to perfection)

4. Lemongrass Cumin Potato (potatoes roasted in lemongrass, cumin and coconut milk)

So tasty!

✶ Here's the info about the Meditation Play ✶

Come explore meditation insights, exercises, and play from a certified ex-monk!

We'll have a quick one hour play / exploration on the hows, the whys, and the wherefores of meditation. Why can't you shut off your brain at night and sleep? How do you become present with your food or the people in front of you? How do you expand consciousness?

Although this is a Buddhist-centric restaurant, the meditation is not linked to any religion, philosophy, guru, or movement.

Your ex-monk-for-an-hour, Michael, has been meditating for 16 years and was a travelling monk for 5 of those years, having taught in Canada, Mexico, and the States. Michael feels that spirituality works best when it's kept light and easy. It's unlikely that you've tried meditation this direct and friendly before!

If nothing else, you will join with an interesting mix of fellow spiritual foodies! What's the relationship between spirituality and food? What does blessing one's food do? Why not discuss it with your new dining companions? It's sure to be a fascinating group!


We are very grateful and appreciative to return to the Dharma Kitchen this year. Last year, eight people reserved but did not show up, leaving a not-so-positive impression of Meatless Meetup as a whole. So let's show that it was uncharacteristic and create good will for the future...

If you RSVP, be sure to come—even if it is late and you miss part of the meditation.

Naturally, you'll get the most benefit by starting from the beginning, yet it is actually okay to show up in the middle—it's impossible to ruin anyone's meditation experience, and we'd much rather you come than not :)