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Believing that things of the spirit should be accessible to everyone, the BKs offer their facilities on the basis of voluntary contributions from individuals who feel they have taken personal benefit from attending BK courses and other programs. Additionally the Brahma Kumaris venues are run by volunteers. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a registered charity in Scotland No. SC040512

find the peace within you...return to inner peace, practically, through free courses, lectures and meditation.

...helping individuals transform their perspective of the world from material to spiritual

Age 16 and over

The Brahma Kumaris runs on voluntary contributions, both financial and in kind, from individuals who have benefited personally through its courses and activities.

Brahma Kumaris students, inspired to serve others, choose to contribute regularly in support of the work, according to their means.

There is no membership fee.

Meditation is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery or, in fact, re-discovery. Meditation is time taken for quiet reflection and silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Taking time out enables us to come back to a centred place of being. In our modern world, the pace of life is growing ever faster and we are losing touch with our true inner peace and power. When we no longer feel grounded, we can experience ourselves pushed and pulled in many different directions. It is at this point that we start to experience stress and a feeling of being trapped. Gradually, over time, this feeling leads to illness and disease, as our mental, emotional and physical health is thrown out of balance.

Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It is a meditation without rituals or mantras and can be practised anywhere at any time. Raja Yoga meditation is practised with ‘open eyes', which makes this method of meditation versatile, simple and easy to practice. Meditation is a state of being in that place just beyond every day consciousness, which is where spiritual empowerment begins. Spiritual awareness gives us the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are negative and wasteful. We start to respond to situations, rather than just reacting to them. We begin to live with harmony, we create better and happier, healthier relationships and change our lives in a most positive way.

General information

Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. Founded in India in 1937, Brahma Kumaris has spread to over 110 countries on all continents and has had an extensive impact in many sectors as an international NGO.

However, their real commitment is to helping individuals transform their perspective of the world from material to spiritual.

It supports the cultivation of a deep collective consciousness of peace and of the individual dignity of each soul.

International coordination

The spiritual headquarters of Brahma Kumaris is in Mount Abu, India. At a national level, activities are generally coordinated by local people in alignment with the spiritual principles of Brahma Kumaris, working in accordance with the laws of the land. Activities of international interest are coordinated regionally from offices in London, Moscow, Nairobi, New York and Sydney.

We are individuals of all ages and backgrounds who study spiritual knowledge that nurtures respect for all faith traditions, coherently explains the nature of soul, God, time and karma, and inspires an enlightened lifestyle.

We practise and teach Raja Yoga meditation, which relaxes the mind and nurtures a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. Through numerous social service activities and partnerships, we promote spiritual understanding, leadership with integrity and elevated actions towards a better world.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Mount Abu, high in the Aravali Mountains of Rajasthan, provided an ideal location for reflection and contemplation for the original group's move from Karachi in 1950. After a few years in a rented building, the community moved to the present site which remains the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University). The Brahma Kumaris spiritual headquarters is known as Madhuban (‘Forest of Honey').

Brahma Baba, the founder

Who was he?

Brahma Baba, born into a humble home as Lekhraj Kripalani in the 1880s, was the son of a village schoolmaster. Lekhraj was brought up within the disciplines of the Hindu tradition. After different jobs, he entered the jewellery business, later earning a considerable fortune as a diamond trader. He was the father of five children and a leader within his local community, known especially for his philanthropy.

In 1936, around the time when most people at his age start to plan their retirement, he actually entered into the most active and fascinating phase of his life. After a series of deep spiritual experiences and visions, he felt an extremely strong pull to give up his business and dedicate his time, energy and wealth to laying the foundations of what later would become the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Between 1937 and 1938, he formed a Managing Committee of eight young women and surrendered all his property and assets to a Trust administered by them.

Upcoming events (5+)

Positive Thinking in a Nutshell

InnerSpace Meditation Centre Glasgow

Meditation is the Key ! All welcome.

Is your Mind Calm & your Intellect Loving ?

InnerSpace Meditation Centre Glasgow

Thursday 28 February 6.45pm -8pm Free Talk & Meditation Is your Mind Calm & your Intellect Loving ? The Power to Discern to clearly see what’s true from what’s not and to know what’s really going on, I have to step back. Detaching from my opinions and from the scene, I perceive much more clearly. Strangely, this stepping back acts like a magnifying glass. Bringing together detachment and focus, I see the whole story and all its parts... and I can understand the truth of the moment. I feel clear and certain. The Power to Discern is the art of consulting the most soul-aware self to understand the knowledge of truth and falsehood, right and wrong, reality and illusion, benefit and loss. The Power to Discern is the power of clarity. It is seeing with different eyes, hearing with different ears. The Power to Discern is about trusting your higher self, even in the face of opposing opinions. It is the power to listen to what is known deep within. It is the power to hold still and look for the truth of the moment before reacting. Reaction is the result of being controlled by external stimuli - a state of powerlessness. The Power to Discern is like a window that allows you to step out of the limited aspect of the present time and, as an observer, see what the reality of the situation is. The Power to Discern also calls you to acknowledge that logic alone is not enough. It signals that you must learn to hone and trust your intuition, to allow that which is beyond rational logic to speak its truth. Trust is a key word here and the more there is trust in the self, the more you will come to know when your intuition is accurate. Clarity...Simplicity...Accuracy...Trust

Guided Meditation...soft music & spoken word meditations

InnerSpace Meditation Centre Glasgow

Guided Meditation 6.45PM - 7.30PM Just RELAX ! There will be soft music & spoken word meditations to gently guide your thoughts to create an experience of peace. BEGINNERS WELCOME. Being peaceful is the first step in meditation and this leads to experiences such as love, empowerment & bliss. Raja Yoga meditation redefines the self as a soul and enables a direct connection and relationship with the Supreme Source of purest energy and highest consciousness, God. Modest clothes appreciated...cover up ! seating = chairs ALL EVENTS ARE FREE Visitors frequently ask us how we fund the work of the BKWSU and Inner Space. All volunteers are unpaid. They give their time & skills freely. The Founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Baba, created the principle to provide opportunities for everyone to develop their own spiritual potential, without charge, regardless of age, background or financial circumstances. The running of Inner Space is entirely through voluntary contributions which are gratefully received. BKWSU (UK) was established as a UK charity in 1975 and charges no fees for any of its activities, being funded by voluntary contributions. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a registered charity in Scotland No. SC040512

“Keep Going” Beyond ADDICTION with Meditation

InnerSpace Meditation Centre Glasgow

“Keep Going” Beyond Addiction with Meditation A free event With Sister Rose & Luke Walton Conscious Contact & Developing a Relationship with God 6.30pm – 8pm For anyone touched by addiction & dependency in any form. If you are interested hearing more about Raja Yoga Meditation please come along. All Welcome. InnerSpace Meditation Centre 277 High Street Glasgow G4 0QS Learn more about Meditation : A two way communication of listening and speaking to God. A deep transformation only comes when there is that encounter with God, because what transforms the depths of the self is love. If God remains abstract, then there is very little transformation. When God becomes personal and real then one is able to experience the relationship, and it is through relationship that one begins to experience the love that gives one faith in oneself and the courage to change. There is always that support, acceptance, faithfulness from God in His relationship with you. He doesn’t abandon damage or diminish you, but holds you. You are sacred to Him. It is great inspiration when you feel this, not just knowing it intellectually but also feeling it. When we have an encounter with God we experience God’s Fatherhood, God’s Motherhood and above all God’s sweet friendship. It is that sweetness that takes away the bitterness of the past and enables us to experience the power of forgiveness, to let go of things, not hold grudges. When there is that forgiveness for my own self then I can start to realize who I can really be. This love-filled transformation makes a human being spiritual. A true relationship transforms and frees you, it does not bind and limit. When we encounter God as He truly is, then our consciousness ascends to a level of universality and compassion where there are no barriers of resentment, accusation or fear. Luke Walton is on the longest journey … from the head to the heart. He is learning to master the mind. He describes recovery as being like a heart transplant, out with the old, in with the new ! Meditation allows newness to be accepted and spiritual growth to take place. He experiences this newness as a gift from God. Sister Rose Goodenough is the Co-ordinator of Inner Space Meditation Centre in Glasgow and has been a student and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation for over 35 years. A down to earth speaker, she presents complex subjects with great clarity and examples from personal experiences. She truly walks the talk and this acts as an inspiration to others. InnerSpace 277 High Street Glasgow G4 0QS[masked] glasgow.innerspace.org The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK) teaches Raja Yoga as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life.

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Guided Meditation...soft music & spoken word meditations

InnerSpace Meditation Centre Glasgow

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