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We're a community meditation center open to people of all backgrounds, beliefs and experience levels.

We welcome teachers from many traditions. Take your time looking through our diverse offerings - we're sure you'll find something that speaks to you!

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Qigong: Moving Meditation

Mayu Sanctuary Denver

Qigong develops the mastery of the cultivation and refinement of chi (life force energy), leading to profound healing, enlightenment and full expression of life. Qigong movement involves gentle standing forms and movements. We focus on regulating the breath to calm the nervous system, quieting and focusing the mind, grounding and refining our energy, and connecting into our hearts. We occasionally do breath or meditation work in a seated or reclined position, and supplies are available at Mayu to support these postures. Dress comfortably and in layers for gentle exercise. We move on the floor in bare feet or socks. Feel free to bring water or anything else that makes you comfortable--no other supplies are needed! This "all-levels" class is beneficial to all experience, ability, and age levels, and is easily adaptable to any present health considerations. Drop-in attendance is welcome. Cost: $15, payable by cash, credit, or check 10 classes can be purchased for $120 or 20 classes can be purchased for $200 Sarah also offers individual Medical Qigong Energy Work sessions, as well as private Qigong Movement, Meditation, and Yoga sessions. For inquiries or to register, contact Sarah at[masked] or [masked]. For more information please visit http://www.wholehealthdenver.com

Beginning Meditation

Mayu Sanctuary Denver


DESCRIPTION Yes, your mind is noisy and your life is busy. You keep hearing about the benefits of meditation but learning to quiet the mind sounds more daunting than climbing Everest. Where to begin? Good news: you don't need a quiet mind to learn meditation, that's the skill you acquire over time. Training the mind to become less distracted, less anxious and less annoyed can literally be a breath away. New teachings and techniques are introduced every week, yet presented as a stand-alone class. You will get the most out of this series by attending regularly, but you'll never feel lost if you can only attend when your schedule allows. Whether you’ve never meditated a day in your life, or you’re a seasoned student, these classes offer helpful techniques you can use effortlessly and consistently every day. Each 90 min. class consists of: 30 min. of instruction, 30 min. of guided meditation, 30 min. of discussion with Q&A. FORMAT Teaching, Guided Meditation, Discussion LEVEL All levels welcome. PAYMENT $10, 5-pack for $45, 10-pack for $80 Cash, checks and credit cards accepted at the door. Make checks payable to Cierra McNamara. Prepay with Paypal. RSVP Drop-ins welcome. NOTE First-timers, please arrive by 7pm for posture assistance. All students, please arrive by 7:15 to sign in and pay. Event begins at 7:30pm. No late entry. Meditation cushions and chairs provided. Beverages in sealable containers only. Silence electronics and remove shoes before entering the classroom.

Lunchtime Meditation

Mayu Sanctuary Denver

DESCRIPTION We won’t actually be eating lunch… but using your lunch hour to create inner space might just be the food you need to feel reenergized and ready to get back to life. This class will provide active guided meditation tools to help you step away from the busy-ness and feel more like yourself. FORMAT Guided Meditation and Discussion LEVEL All levels welcome. PAYMENT $16 RSVP Drop-ins welcome. NOTE Meditation cushions and chairs provided. Beverages in sealable containers only. Silence electronics and remove shoes before entering the classroom. Ali Sweeney offers an active meditation practice to help you change the energy you carry to create the life you choose. She guides students to activate their intuition to feel more contented, present, and empowered. Ali has enjoyed many other careers including mother, wife, nonprofit professional, and environmental engineer. Visit her website at Www.alightinsight.com.

Thursday Insight Meditation Sitting (TIMS)

Mayu Sanctuary Denver

TIMS is a group of women and men who gather together each week to practice mindfulness meditation (Vipassana) as a community. While we focus on the Theravadan tradition of Buddhism, all practitioners are welcomed regardless of spiritual and religious affiliations. Our format is fairly simple: a meditation sitting followed by a Dharma talk. The sitting period is 30 minutes long and Dharma talks can range from 30-45 minutes. If some of the participants are less experienced with meditation, we will use the sitting period for a guided meditation. We have no local teacher and value the simplicity this approach offers. Membership is the highest rank any of us achieve at TIMS. All talks are given by Gil Fronsdal or Andrea Fella of the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, California. Cost: In the spirit of generosity that continues a 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition of providing teachings freely to all who are interested, there is no fee associated with TIMS. Currently, our only expense is for room rental, and it is paid for by TIMS founding members. Dana (the Buddhist word for giving) is accepted and collected at each meeting from those members who are inspired to contribute. All collected dana is sent quarterly to IMC as teacher dana for Gil and Andrea. For questions, please email: [masked]

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