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There is no reason why you should spend your Friday Evening at home!

Some newbies have posted comments in my events.

"Hello! I would like to go to this event. But I am very new to the group. Is it okay to go this event by myself? Thanks!

i was there outside but too shy to go inside by myself. Prolly just go somewhere in the area. Next time hopefully. More guts

I'm newbie and do not know anybody. How to start a conversation?

hello! am new and haven't exactly tried such meetups so cld I ask how do we recognise each other?"

There is only one answer to all newbies' comments.

Some new members think that they are the only newbies in my events. But IN MY EVENTS, 40-60% OF THE MEMBERS ARE NEWBIES.

Question:What to do when newbies come to my event?

Answer: Get a star sticker along with blank name tag @registration table and make friends easily with other newbies with star sticker.

But if you are still shy, please contact me or the staff at registration table and inform that you want to be introduced to others. We will gladly do.

Even though it is newbies gathering, all are welcome.

Let us live for Friday Evening when we want to do what we really want to do. Making new friends, chilling out with drinks, unwind office stress etc.

Then surround yourself in the company of lovely people who also enjoy good drink, great music and lively conversations

Friday Newbies Gathering & Mingling is ideal event for you. Come and let us party like there is no tomorrow



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