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A meet up for people to network, socialise and be able to share your startup interests or stories, with friends or strangers.

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Pitch X - The Winter Solstice

YBF Ventures

The winter solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness in the year and is believed to hold powerful energy for regeneration, renewal, and self-reflection. It may be Winter, but our latest Pitch X is hotter than ever. At our special Winter wonderland Pitch X, we’re on a mission to help connect, motivate, and grow startups. Bringing together experts from across the startup landscape, our amazing judges will provide entrepreneurs and the startup community with the perfect pitching platform. Pitch X is a friendly pitching competition open to anyone who wants to pitch for a co-founder, investor, mentor, support, or just practice. We encourage everyone to enter for a chance to pitch where you’ll need to answer key questions: - What problem are you tackling? - What solution are you creating to address this problem? The pitch Pitch how you want, however, we encourage you to include the following; - Intro yourself and/or your team - Talk about the problem you’re solving - Reveal your solution - Tell the judges what stage your startup is at and what traction you’ve received - What you’re pitching for? Support, funding, resources etc The night Round one: A number of selected pitches will be asked to prepare a 90-second pitch. Our judges will choose the top three pitches to progress to the 2nd round. If you’ve been selected to pitch on the night, you’ll receive notification from our team before-hand, so look out for us in your emails! Round two: For the second round, finalists will have five minutes to pitch. The judges will then pick the best in this round to win! We’re lining up some awesome prizes, so stay tuned! Register to pitch or attend: Keen to pitch your idea? Our Pitch X has been successful in nurturing the startup community with many contestants and winners going off to do amazing things (including participating in accelerators in San Francisco!) More than this, it is a great night for everyone to get together, network, and spark creative ideas. If you’d simply like to attend, submit your registration in the link below. 1st Prize YBF Ventures - Fixed desks for 2 team members for 3 consecutive months (valued at $2,100) Academy Xi - $500 credit for any bootcamps or workshops 2nd Prize YBF Ventures - Fixed desk for 2 team members for 1 month (valued at $1,400) Academy Xi - $300 credit for any bootcamps or workshops 3rd Prize Academy Xi - $100 credit for any bootcamps or workshops

How to Build a Business With Purpose (Workshop)

Please note: This is a PAID workshop ($25) and registration is required via the event page here - http://bit.ly/2VjHWBB ********************************* While using business as a force for good is becoming increasingly popular, what does it really mean to build a business with purpose? At our workshop, How to Build a Business with a Purpose, we’ll explore: - What are the legal considerations for building a business with purpose? - What is the difference between a charity and a social enterprise? - What do I need to know if I want to rapidly scale my business? - What are some mechanisms for impact (for example, BCorp and Social Traders)? Academy Xi and LUNA have come together to bring an event series on SCALING IMPACT. In this 3-part series, we will provide you with the steps and practical knowledge that you need in order to start building a purpose-driven and impactful business. Speakers Tessa Hawthorn Head of Legal @ LUNA Tessa developed her passion for startups as an in-house lawyer at one of Australia’s leading property tech startups. Tessa leads a team of lawyers at LUNA and is a legal advisor on the Executive Team of TEDxMelbourne. Ben Hansky Legal Project Manager & Social Enterprise Expert @ LUNA Ben is a Legal Project Manager who is passionate about the intersection of traditional business and impactful thinking. He is a firm believer that innovation will be a major factor in driving positive social change.

Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

Academy Xi

Meditation and mindfulness seem to have swept the self-improvement and startup ecosystem by storm, further increasing in popularity after endorsement by top performing entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. But what is mindfulness all about? Is it a useful skill to have when managing your busy business, or is it merely a fad? Research suggests that mindfulness is a key factor in helping us reduce stress and managing difficult workloads and life commitments. If you’d like more balance in your life, and how to relax your mind from outside disturbances, than our event is for you. Our presentation, Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs will explore: - What are the benefits of mindfulness - How to manage stress and difficulties with mindfulness - Tips and advice on how you can use mindfulness to juggle a busy schedule and overcome the trough of despair of entrepreneurship Speaker: Asha Acuoth (Mindfulness Coach) Asha is an African woman from Melbourne/Narrm who is passionate about creating change and awareness within people. She’s an ethical living enthusiast (striving to be a minimalist!), quirky and proudly humble, a quality reminiscent of her beginnings. With her dream of changing as many lives as possible, the single most important part of sharing your journey is the way you feel. Committed to making you feel comfortable and open to change, Asha’s ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in the world by inspiring and empowering others to travel through the fear and live their best life.

Launch into Data Analytics

Academy Xi

Please note: This is a PAID bootcamp ($200) and registration is required via the event page here - http://bit.ly/2VUejaq ************************************* With 90% of data currently in existence only been created in the last two years, job opportunities within data analytics are exponentially increasing. By 2020, IBM predicted that data roles will increase by 28%. From SQL databases to coding, to presenting and drawing insights from tools like Tableau, navigating a career in data can be a little daunting. If you want to get a glimpse of what it’s like to world in the field of data, our one-day bootcamp will take you through: - What is Data Analytics? - What the role of a Data Analyst entails - Types of data - Basic functions - Visualising numerical data - Basics of sampling - Databases and how to tackle problems with SQL - Introduction to Machine Learning

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