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Join other makers at in-person events to share knowledge, learn how to build apps and solutions, and discover new career opportunities. All skill levels are welcome, and we encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues to our growing community of makers. See you at our next meetup!

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ONLINE - Meetup WebFlight

Online event

**NOTE** We are looking into arranging something to host this meetup online! We will keep you posted on what we come up with. Stay tuned for updates and save the date! WebFlight will be hosting the Maker Meetup. Here's the program for the evening: == Agenda 📅 == 18:30 ⚙️ Expert sessions

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Van Deventerlaan 31-51

== Agenda📅 == 18:00 Dinner🍕 19:00 Presentations 👨‍🏫 1) TBA 2) TBA 20:30 Drinks & networking🍺 == General information == - Please let us know if you will join us for dinner and if you have a special diet ==============

Meetup Magnus


== Agenda 📅 == 18:00 Dinner🍕 19:00 Presentations👨‍🏫 TBD 20:30 Drinks & Networking 🍺 ----- The Mendix Community Meetups are aimed at knowledge sharing, learning something new, and meeting other people in the community. Interested in presenting at a Mendix Community Meetup? Contact Jan de Vries for details at jan.de.vries at mendix.com. Notice of Video and Photos 📷 We would like to draw your attention to the fact that photo and/or video recordings are made during this meetup session. These photo and video recordings may be used by Mendix for social media purposes. If you like to be excluded from these recordings, we ask you to wear a colored lanyard. These are available at the registration of any meetup event.

Test Automation at NHG with Fitnesse-HSAC

NHG and Specialisterren will host a Meetup regarding QA & Mendix. These two organisations worked extensively to set-up together a test automation framework with Fitnesse-HSAC. The agenda is not final. The contents of the Meetup are being formed. == Agenda 📅 == 1. Introduction of NHG & Specialisterren 2. How NHG works with Mendix and what QA question arose 3. How NHG and Specialisterren work together in QA 4. Demo time! 5. Lessons learned == Planning == 18:00 Dinner 🍕 18:45 Presentations 👨‍🏫 20:30 Drinks & networking 🍺 == Location == We are guests at the wonderfull office of NHG @WTC near Utrecht Central Station.

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Down the front-end Rabbit hole: part 1 - GULP & SASS

Incentro Utrecht (van Deventerlaan)

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