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Now available as Zoom online classes. See sign-up and scheduling info below.

Join our friendly, family of "Tai Chi For Better Balance" members to help decrease your risk of falls and improve the mobility of your joints and improve your general well being. A beginners class for older adults 50 to 90 years old. Tai chi is proven to decrease falls 30-60%. No experience necessary. There is no requirement to memorize the routines , just register, show up and follow. The movements are easy to learn and a joy to practice.

My tai chi classes are specifically designed for improving balance and the natural healing of your joints and muscles. Taught online on Zoom due to the COVID-19 stay in place ordinances. Of class is called “ Tai Chi for Better Balance and Mobility”.

These classes are fee based by a monthly series or drop ins. Students sign up for either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tai chi for Better Balance and Mobility

This class is not just tai chi moments but includes the latest mind-body education. I offer the popular Yang 24 Tai chi as our main routine. My pleasure is to keep you on your feet and joyfully moving. I take pride in empowering each individual towards their goals.

Learn to:

• Improve Posture & Balance Towards Preventing Falls

• The Importance of Awareness though “Mindfulness” Practice

• Enhance Muscle, Core & Joint Strength

• Specific “trip prevention drills” strengthens muscles and reflexes

• Brain Health components or neuro- plasticity

• Self-massage and chair exercises for chronic low back and injuries.

• Improve Energy Levels with Qigong & Reduce Stress (stress management skills)

• Build new social connections and friends. We all learn from each other and have fun doing so in this community.

All classes are suitable for beginner’s to intermediate level, no experience necessary, for anyone who can stand and walk comfortably for several minutes. This gentle exercise system is perfect for those new to exercise, recovery from illness or just want to empower themselves with joyful, powerful movement.


Zoom online ( you will receive the Zoom ID and password after registering at Penvol.org, MindBody system)

Little House is an award winning community center offering older adults wellness classes, transportation, computer center lunch program and community events.

www.penvol.org (http://www.penvol.org/)/littlehouse

Virtual Schedule and Fees:

Monday and Wednesday, 9:45 – 10:45am,


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 pm,

(consider a membership at Little House, its only $70 per year with many benefits and discounts including use of their fitness gym )

Fees For Drop In (one or more classes): $13 for Little House Members $20 for Non-Little House Members

Note: Research has shown that twice weekly tai chi classes provide the most benefits.

It is best to start at the beginning of a series otherwise Drop-In to try a class. If you miss a class you can make it up on the other class days.

How To Register:

Online Penvol.org, Then go to Little House Classes and select that date of the class you want to enroll and create an Mindbody account (very easy with email and create a password, payment info) and enrow.

Create Zoom account for free.

Download the Zoom app on either your iphone, ipad, computer. Click the link below to download Zoom


Or contact:

Nettie Azoulay

> Program Manager

> Little House Activity Center

> 800 Middle Ave

> Menlo Park CA 94025

> nazoulay@penvol.org

Jason H. Chan C.M.T. Has twenty years’ experience as a wellness instructor, martial artist and certified massage therapist. Jason specializes in chronic neck/back pain therapy and restoration. Ask me about private/group lessons are restorative massage therapies.

Additional Info: www.jasonchanproductions.com (http://www.jasonchanproductions.com/) email: Jason@jasonchanproductions.com


RSVPing is acknowledging you are healthy enough to participate and assuming ALL responsibility for your own safety and health. We assume absolutely NO responsibility for loss, injury or incidents incurred at any event or meet posted on this site. Check with your health care provider if Tai chi is appropriate for you.

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